Organize Your Business with a Business Operating System (BOS)

Organize Your Business with a Business Operating System (BOS)

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New Year’s Resolution – Organize Your Business with a Business Operating System (BOS)

All business owners run their companies using a Business Operating System (BOS) but most don’t know it. What’s more surprising is that these same people who have run their companies for years – and in some cases generations – don’t fully understand how dependent they are on their BOS and how ill-suited their BOS is to support daily operations.

A Closer Look at BOS

According to Gartner, Inc. analysts, Marc Kerremans and Bruce Robertson, a BOS is the organizational equivalent of an in-car navigation system. The BOS is that guide providing end-to-end visibility and steering business owners to digital business success. As companies digitize their operations for the global economy they use myriad software solutions – oftentimes a mixture of legacy software, cloud-based and hosted technology – to achieve their business objectives. Often, these solutions are not integrated with one another and do not offer leaders the requisite business intelligence to effectively run their businesses.

The lack of integration is the biggest drawback of all these standalone solutions. There are hundreds of incredibly efficient – and in many cases, elegant – cloud-based solutions that address one major issue: CRM, Accounting, HR, Inventory, Transportations, Purchasing, etc. At best, the most sophisticated solutions offer some integration with a logical companion process, but pulling off those integrations carry a hefty cost.

A true BOS offers a minimum of 5 key integrated deliverables:

  1. Extends across your entire Business Model: enterprise-wide visibility;
  2. Offers digital access to your entire Business Operation Model: cloud-based and mobile-enabled access;
  3. Can deliver Enterprise Performance Management: integrated performance metrics (accounting, sales, operations, inventory, etc);
  4. Can compile all the data throughout the enterprise and convert it to a dashboard of Business Operational Intelligence: overlay all the data to deliver a single data point from multiple sources to understand the enterprise’s daily performance;
  5. Inform managers throughout the enterprise of the most logical Business Decisions based on the business intelligence available on-demand.


OX Zion is an Industry-Leader in BOS

Vantage Agora has developed OX Zion to meet the required 5 deliverables to qualify for a BOS, as defined by Gartner, Inc. Our proprietary, cloud-based, mobile-enabled BOS brings together all the tools you need to run your business. We have over 50,000 users around the world that have made OX Zion their platform of choice to navigate their business in 2017 and beyond. Our enterprise-wide visibility integrates all aspects of your business to provide you the business intelligence you need to make the right decisions to drive profitability.

Visit us at to learn more or call Thomas Balla at 888.246.7211.


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