OX Zion  OX Zion Base
Create and manage tasks in an easy and collaborative fashion
Group calendar for sharing information
Operational Intelligence
Actionable dashboards that provide visibility
Help Desk
Create your own help desk in no time
Build your own document repository, manage, collaborate and control documents
Collaboration (Group Chat, Internal Email)
Use multiple options to communicate and collaborate within the organization
Quality Management System
Create a consistent and error free organization with features like Policies, Procedures (SOP) Audits and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Manage and track to organization readiness before an actual audit.
This helps organizations get ready for audits and reduce auditing cost and ongoing audits
OX Zion OX Zion Premium
Goals and Executive Desktop
Create, Track and Manage company-wide goals
Get an Executive view into the organization. Drill down capability gives executives the visibility, control and consistency to achieve operational excellence.
A must to get visibility, control and consistency of purpose in an organization.
(UW, Agent, Production, Loss Analysis)
Brings Operational Intelligence to the insurance industry. These Operational Intelligence Indicators provide visibility and control all the from New Business, to Agent Performance Analysis, Underwriting Analysis, Production Analysis, and Claims Operations
Logistics (On boarding, Safety, Claims, Market Place)
On-board independent contract carriers through a simple and easy to use system with option to buy Liability and Business Injury coverage.
Healthcare (Admission, Payroll Compliance, PBJ)
Manage WOTS, Admissions, and Compliance in terms of WOTS submission to the government and gaining tax credit. Time tracking and reporting/submission to the government.
HR (On Boarding)
Reduces the cost of on-boarding employees. Along with this helps expedite the process of on boarding for the employee and the HR team of the organization.
Compliance (Training and Assessment)
Create training modules and assess competency through online assessments
Get your sales force up and running in no time.
Extend the CRM App to do more with built in collaboration tools and dashboards
Map App
Visualize data by integrating with Google Maps
Contract and Invoicing App
MMake creating and managing contracts a breeze using the Contract app on OX Zion, send and sign contracts electronically and save them in OX Zion.
Gamification (Badges, Leader board, Employee Gaming)
Make work more fun. The gaming feature builds an engaged and motivated workforce through a patent pending points and rewards system






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