Harsha Chaturvedi

COO & Co-Founder

As the co-founder of Vantage Agora (VA), Harsha has been focused on bringing Operational Excellence to VA, its customers, and the world. Harsha has 20+ years experience in Consulting, Operational Excellence, Enterprise Social Networking, Business Intelligence, and Process improvement. His work with companies such as Fidelity, American Airlines, and  i2 Technologies, has made him an expert in applying Business intelligence to Operational Excellence. Harsha has 4 patents in supply chain market place process improvements and has a patent pending for work on ‘Operational Excellence through Social Networks: OX Zion’. Harsha graduated with an MBA from southern Methodist University (SMU) Dallas, a Masters in Computer Science from Louisiana State University (LSU) Baton Rouge, and a Bachelors in Engineering from Bangalore University (BU).