Sudhir Achar

CEO & Co-Founder

Sudhir is responsible for transforming a small back office operations practice into an organization that consistently provides clients with a sustainable competitive advantage. Processing over 4.3 million files for over a 7-year period at an exceptionally low error rate is a consequence of Sudhir’s ideology – “Get it right the first time”. Sudhir has been on several panels discussing efficiency and Operational Excellence. He has been featured in radio programming and news publications about  entrepreneurship and operations. A graduate from Bangalore University, Sudhir went on to receive his MSIE degree from Cleveland State University. Sudhir currently resides in Cleveland with his wife and 2 sons. As a yoga prodigy at the age of 12, Sudhir has maintained his love of sports and has passed on his passion for golf to his sons, whom he loves to play with and follow local NBA Champs, the Cleveland Cavaliers.