Value 9: Have Fun!

Value 9: Have Fun!

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Have Fun

We all like to have fun, whether at home, on a trip or while playing a sport. Fun always keeps us a little more interested and happy with what we are doing. Since we spend the majority of our time in the workplace, it’s great if we are having fun there as well. If people have fun, they will likely work harder, stay longer and keep a cool head when a situation rises. On the whole, having fun helps an employee take better care of themselves and the organization. But this mantra of fun has to start from the top. Leaders need to have a lighter mindset to create a workplace that is fun and vibrant. When this happens, the employees show a significant increase in trust, creativity and communication, thereby leading to a higher morale and a stronger bottom line. A simple practice such as having fun can change an organization inside-out. Having Fun is the 9th Value of Vantage Agora. Here, we have fun and get the work done because for us, work is fun, not the other way around.

When we play a game, we have fun, which secretes a chemical in our head called dopamine. This keeps us going further and induces that sense of winning. Keep the dopamine rush flowing and we will never get bored of what we are doing. At Vantage Agora, we make the decision to convert work into a game. For all the tasks an employee completes, he or she gets star points based on the complexity of the work. These points help employees score higher on the leader board, irrespective of their ‘rank’ in the hierarchy structure of the company. This culture and the even playing field gives employees the drive to complete tasks with accuracy, responsibility and speed. This aspect of fun is omnipresent in all of the VA offices around the world.

When companies want to bridge the gap from being good to great, they must have trust in and from their employees. A great way of ensuring trust and forming valuable bonds is to encourage employees to enjoy their work. If the organization increases opportunities for fun and people are genuinely engaged, it is an indication of a strong workplace culture that employees will want to commit to. This leads to better recruitment, profits and authenticity, all positive things that make a workplace great. Have passion for your work and love what you do. You will start to notice that even the smallest victories will make you a happier person and that is when work will not seem like work at all. Keep going that extra mile for success and keep having fun!



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