A chance meeting that gives you more than a chance!

A chance meeting that gives you more than a chance!

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The other day I happened to bump into a friend of mine who is also our client. He said, “Harsha, I owe you a drink!”

“Sure thing John! I will take my usual Arnold Palmer! But what is the celebration about?” I asked in surprise.
“Well, you know before August I had been really swamped and wanted your help to just make sure that I keep up with the work that is coming my way. That way I did not have to deal with the resourcing, training and HR issues. But when finance team and I ran our numbers for the last few months we have been pleasantly surprised.”
I always thought you guys were a cost and delivery play but I never thought you can actually affect my Top-Line! I am just really happy about this. Your team has helped me exceed my numbers this year! I owe you a drink at least for that”


October: Sales $ UP 23% – Customers UP 33%
September: Sales $ UP 9% – Customers UP 13%
August: Sales $ UP 63% – Customers UP 7% (Large accounts closed in 2012)
John is a whirlwind kind of a guy. Full of great ideas and innovative thinking and a very good business man. He has been successfully running his own company for the last 30 years. If this what he thinks after all these years, he must be right. I made a note to myself to stress the fact, ‘when companies don’t have to worry about delivery and bottom-line costs, their top-line increases!’, when we talk to our next prospect.

Note: This is a true testimonial. Names and situations have been changed to ensure protection of confidential information.

If you would like to increase your top-line feel free to get in touch with anyone of us at Vantage Agora and we will be glad to help you!

About Vantage Agora:

Vantage Agora (VA) is a global provider of back-office solutions, custom IT services and consulting services for companies in the insurance, finance, and healthcare sectors. As a SSAE 16 Type II audited company, Vantage Agora utilizes advanced data processing and quality control systems on a secured network to ensure efficient, comprehensive management of back-office functions such as accounting, financial and administrative tasks. Founded in 2004, Vantage Agora has offices in Cleveland and Dallas.



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