Achieve Operational Excellence the VA Way

Achieve Operational Excellence the VA Way

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By, Sudhir Achar, CEO & Co-Founder

It’s not enough to want your business to operate as efficiently and productively as possible. To be truly successful in business, organizations must adopt a process and cadence for approaching the work and making the appropriate operational adjustments along the way to ensure customer satisfaction.

At Vantage Agora, we follow 7 Steps of Operational Excellence to manage our business:

As part of our ongoing commitment to improvement, we recently completed a semi-annual senior leadership review and a quarterly business review to assess where the organization is excelling and opportunities to make enhancements. Our team has found that business leaders can reap great benefits and ROI by implementing the VA Way to complete business reviews and implement leadership development.

Vantage Agora also achieves Operational Excellence by focusing on four key areas in the quarterly business review: Customers, Employees, Internal Business Processes and Finances. Within each area, we ask specific questions to accurately assess performance and make the necessary adjustments.

  • Customers: What are the marketing forces impacting customers? What innovations can be made available to customers? How often are we visiting our customers? What customer escalations are we addressing?
  • Employees: Are all employees in the best roles to fit their strengths? Who is ready for a leadership role? What technical training is needed? As part of this exercise, we invite all staff members to participate in some part of the business reviews so they are engaged and feel ownership of the decisions resulting from the business review.
  • Internal Business Processes: How do our processes improve or impede the customer experience? Where can we automate existing manual processes? Are there any bottlenecks in our product or service delivery? Which process(es) should we continue and which should we outsource?
  • Finances: Review budget-to-actual performance, Re-assess budget allocations to accelerate over-performing departments or functions. Identify action plans to accelerate accounts receivable from slow-paying customers, etc.

At Vantage Agora, our brand promise is Operational Excellence. But it’s more than just a marketing tag line; Operational Excellence is in our DNA. Day in and day out, our team lives Operational Excellence and we challenge our operating principles and our assumptions through quarterly and semi-annual reviews. We make it a point to assess and adjust as necessary to maintain the highest level of service.

Operational Excellence requires continuous improvement, which necessitates being able to offer constructive and immediate feedback on what is going well and what needs improvement; and being able to receive that constructive feedback without being defensive or making excuses and then making the necessary changes.

The VA Way is to create a safe environment where ongoing improvement and Operational Excellence can thrive throughout our company. In our quarterly business reviews and semi-annual leadership reviews, there are no titles, hierarchy, or sacred cows. We speak openly and honestly in a constructive way so that we can deconstruct our business and rebuild it better, stronger, and more united.

Take the first step to achieving Operational Excellence for your business. Contact us today to get started.


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