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2010 September

    1. Please rate all LA Branch renewals using quote app in lieu of per expiring unless specifically stated by underwriter
    2. Refer to the MVR guidelines available in LOTUS NOTES -KNOWLEDGE BASE for reviewing MVRs
    3. Going forward you will enter the premium, limit and deductible of CRIME -COMPUTER FRAUD coverage in the row specified for ROBBERY/SAFEBURGLARY/OTHER in RACKLEY and PARALLEL as well.
    4. SHV Renewals -Physician’s statement that are 2 years or older will be flagged and a new Physician’s statement will be requested.
    5. DISREGARD the 13 month rule (Order date) while reviewing MVRs.
    6. GL -Add the Form CG20100704 in lieu of CG20101001 for Additional Insured.
    7. When entering the premium for the previous years policy in the loss information it has to be the premium of the original policy issued and get the correct loss ratio.
    8. Non-Owned -# of employees should match # of drivers per quote application or expiring drivers list for renewals. UWS is using 0-25 employees in the # of drivers on drivers list. However, if they are listed as driver on the app, we should consider them as employees in the rating of non-owned coverage.
    9. Classifications -light units -rate as service; medium units -rate as service; heavy/extra heavy -rate as commercial.
    10. Trailers(service trailers, motor homes/travel trailers, etc) -rate per ISO rules as found in Sage Eg -Travel trailer must be rated as aprivate passenger type instead of light commercial unit
    11. Roll Out of the NEW WORKFLOW

2010 August

    1. Status of the drivers excluded in the Expiring policy need to be put as Exclusion pending in current Tracking.
    2. MVRs in which the Lic status shows Blocked -No Insurance. However, such MVRs will be approved as long as the Status is Valid.
    3. To Approve an MVR, the license Exp date should not be before the policy Effective date. Point #5 in the word doc (MVRs in SHV renewals) (expiration date) should be the expiration date of the current policy. For example: If License expiry dat doesn’t expire before expiration date of current polic then it is pulled forward. Current Policy meaning QSILA0005729 EFF 08/29/2009 EXP 08/29/2010
    4. TX Branch -Yellow Highlighting -Cost new. Green Highlighting -Stated amount. Map quest needs to be printed in IR foe DAL and HOU File
    5. Map quest needs to be printed into IR for DAL and HOU Files. Maps of the LOCATION OF THE RISK must be printed into IR.
    6. IN will be rated in TX Files .IN -TX and TN branches: Contractors Euipment and MTC -Euipment schedule must be entered into the Excel sheet without any rates. The total limit of all the equipments and deductible will be entered in the PACKET. All the other IN coverages (Eg – Mics tools, Accounts receivable, etc) – The limit, deductibles and( rates if specified by the UW) will be entered only in the PACKET. DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING IN TRACKING.

2010 July

    1. The State Requirements for Florida have been updated to include effective 1-1-2011 the FHCFEA ( Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Emergency Assessment ) will increase to 1.3%
    2. There has been a note added under #2 ( Word doc ) concerning the Approval of drivers that needs to be completed when putting a drivers status at approved or approval pending. **Note: Make sure you are reviewing the loss runs for the last 3 years on all listed drivers when approving them. If they have had an at fault accident (based on loss runs) driver is to be Approval Pending and notes entered even if they were Approved last year.**
    3. Disregard the file notes that are not stated UWS – LAX files. The file notes are referred to the CA Branch and not for UWS. Hence, do not consider the file note stating – “REFER TO LAX******” unless it is stated to UWS.
    4. Liquor Liability: Rate in Rackley with Liquor Liability Class Code Provided by Branch using Rule 45. Class Codes have to be one of the following: 70412, 50911, 59211, 58161, 58168. This is the class code that will be entered in the from in Parallel – not 000012

2010 June

    1. New updates – PIP Coverage mandatory on PPTs in the state of NJ.
    2. Effective July 1, 2010 the MCCA Assessment fees will change to : MCCA fee $ 11.92 and Administrative fee $4.28 total $16.2
    3. Changes in PD Cvg – TN. – For Spec causes of loss – deduct 0.25 from combined rate
    4. CA 9910 DOC
    5. CA 9923 Rental reimbursement
    6. CA 9937 Garagekeepers coverage

2010 March

    1. Complete VIN numbers will be entered on Rackley for all the vehicles that are garaged in state of Nevada
    2. Effective the 1st of April 2010, PIC and PIC will merge to become one company i.e. PIC. Wherever we used write RIC policies we will start using PIC as the company
    3. A new addition has been made to the list of standard vehicle body types – “ROLLBACK TRUCKS”
    4. All Louisiana Package renewals should be rated DS yyyy/mm NA company and all New business should be rated with the most current company (even though it is a not a ‘NA’ company

2009 December

    1. Louisiana Renewals –
    2. Do not update Rackley as per the renewal application – Note all the differences in the preview comments
    3. Review the current loss runs if any claim, driver’s approval should be pending
    4. Compare license expiry date to the policy effective date instead of the expiration date
    5. If the file is on status 33 – enter the drivers under Tracking / Policy / Issue Binder – “DO NOT SELECET ISSUE BINDER
    6. MVR and driver entry – Leave the task page the same as you received, when routing back the driver entry file after completing the task
    7. Wisconsin accounts – w.e.f. January 1st 2010, the minimum requirements have changed as per the following
    8. Liability – $100,00
    9. UM / UIM – $300,000
    10. Medical Payments – $10,000

2009 November

    1. If the MVRs ordered are over 13 months, note that new MVRs are required. Also put the status as Approval Pending for that driver on Tracking
    2. If Physician’s statement is over 13 months, note that new statement is required and ensure the approval status of the driver on Tracking is Pending
    3. For all drivers whose approval status is pending on tracking an explanation note is required
    4. Complete entire Driver entry in tracking from MVR irrespective of the driver’s approval status
    5. Location report should go into the underwriting documentation folder – PPC doc type instead of specific rates doc type
    6. ISO information overrules underwriters’ annotations
    7. Restaurant classes require specific rates, regardless of the square footage
    8. Website msrating to look up MS state’s rates
    9. Colorado Branch – Bldg Group II rate should be taken from the ISO loss cost quote to be entered in Rackley
    10. Texas Branch
    11. MapQuest need not be printed in to Image Right
    12. Rate all files inclusive of theft, even if the application does not request for the coverage
    13. Rackley quote printed should be the quote worksheet and the not the Rating worksheet for Commercial Property
    14. No longer remove debits / credits after copying the renewal rating. Leave all modifications in Rackley per expiring on all Louisiana Accounts
    15. On Louisiana renewals, MVRs are to be handled from the expiring files as follows:
    16. Copy all MVRs over from expiring file into current renewal SHV
    17. Run loss runs and review each claim in order to update the individual driver information section in parallel to reflect the notes from the loss listed). If you enter any comments pertaining to losses on a driver you must leave driver as approval pending and delete the MVR in the new SHV renewal number.
    18. Review expiring driver list for excluded or probationary drivers, enter this information into individual driver comments section in tracking. Leave probationary driver as approval pending and excluded driver as exclusion pending. Delete the MVRs from the current renewal SHV of any drivers showing as probation or exclusion on last years policy.
    19. If we received a Physician Statement for a driver in the prior term, this is pulled over into the renewal along with entering in that drivers comments section on the SHV renewal number in Tracking that the Physician Statement is received and waived.
    20. Drivers / MVRs are acceptable and tracking is updated with Approved status if:
    21. MVR is clean from last year
    22. If MVR doesn’t expire prior to expiration date
    23. If MVR was ran during the expiring term, clean and not expired
    24. MVRs must be signed off by the rater who approved along with showing the status on the MVR(approved).
    25. Any drivers left at Approval Pending status must have a comment as to reason why in SHV renewal driver comment section in Tracking.
    26. Update e-packets under preview comments of any drivers listed as probationary or excluded on last year policy along with any drivers need a physician statement. We require a new physician statement every other year.
    27. IMPORTANT NOTE: All of these comments and changes are made in Tracking, quote function. A driver is never deleted on the renewal if they are in the system but not shown on the renewal application. A quote note is made about missing drivers.
    28. TN, KY, OH, IL, IN, MI, VA, WI, MN – Changes are done on the state requirements document to reflect updates for BA
    29. On all Louisiana accounts, rate without Liability deductible on all accounts. And an expiring policy has a deductible, then the renewal will require a preview comment about the same
    30. New Mexico – If application requests Form E filing on non-admitted paper, make a note to the underwriter

2009 September

    1. PPI coverage is mandatory in the state of Michigan
    2. Stated amount rates corrected to reflect 35 / 65 split on state requirement documents for the state of North-Carolina
    3. Light and Medium units can also be rated on stated amount in the state of California
    4. UM can be rated with more than $100,000 if requested on Tennessee state
    5. Texas branch –
    6. MapQuest is not required
    7. UM and PIP need to rated if written
    8. Print the quote worksheet instead of the Rating worksheet for commercial property accounts

2009 April

    1. Businesses from Cincinnati and Nashville will be written under Deep South of Tennessee
    2. Businesses from Albuquerque, Phoenix and Denver will be written under Deep South of Colorado
    3. Check the producer and the agency on the manual rating worksheet and then highlight it – This step is to ensure that the right agency and producer is selected
    4. BA and BAT for the following Mid-Atlantic states only – DE, DE, MD, NJ, PA – Addlins and Waiver; Blanket – $100 and Specific – $50

 2009 March

    1. For the state of Kentucky, the liability type should always be ‘C’
    2. 2. PHX and ALB risk id numbers, Rackley should show “Deep South of Colorado” as the agency name
    3. For all BA / BAT accounts of DC, DE, MD, NJ and PA – Addlins and Waiver Blanket will be charged $200 and specified will be charged $50
    4. Rate Addlins or Waiver coverage on all Louisiana files only when the application mentions whether it will be blanket or specified
    5. On policies of Texas that have Liability and Physical damage split – Always include fillings and charge for leased auto on Liability policy

2009 January

    1. Florida Branch – on a new business account if the agent requests split limits on UM, it can be provided
    2. On policies of Texas that have Liability and Physical damage split – All endorsements like Addlins, Waiver, HCPD etc. will be added on the liability policy
    3. State requirements for the states NJ, DC, NY, PA, MD and DE have been updated to reflect the insurance company that need to be used for writing policies
    4. Rates provided by the underwriter will override the rates provided on the state requirement document

2008 December

    1. Stated amount spilt rates can be used for the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, Arizona, Missouri
    2. If there are units rated with Physical Damage on a Texas account, then the risk has to written on admitted paper
    3. If there are vehicles rated on stated amount on a Texas account, then two policies will be written, i.e. Redland for Liability and QBE for Physical damage
    4. When processing renewal for the Texas branch, always duplicate the quote that which says “EXCESS” in its description

 2008 November

    1. Do not change coverage symbols when previewing and rating Arkansas accounts
    2. While printing Safer stat repot into Image Right, ensure that you use the printable version
    3. There should be no periods entered with the insured’s name
    4. In Utah, Colorado and Wyoming states if there is more than one Addlins Specified requested rate one blanket
    5. Use the following class codes for the following classes of vehicles
    6. Motor Homes within 22 feet – 7960
    7. Motor Homes above 22 feet – 7961
    8. Travel Trailer – 7063
    9. In all General Liability accounts rated for the Colorado branch, always exclude Terrorism

2008 October

    1. Any branch comments given on state requirements documents would apply for the respective branch accounts, wherever the vehicles may be garaged
    2. On all Texas BA / BAT accounts, the minimum limit for PIP is $2,500
    3. If fillings shows as cancelled on renewal dates of any account, we are still to follow the regular fillings steps
    4. On all Florida accounts UM can be rated for a maximum of 10% of the liability limit – this is a state requirement
    5. Physical damage only coverage will be provided only if the agent requests so
    6. Remember to take into account any drivers’ name appearing as a short name on loss runs or drivers list
    7. Remember to take into account any drivers’ name appearing as a short name on loss runs or drivers list
    8. Body type to be used as Tractor for Truck-Tractors and trailer for any type of trailer (Semis, utility etc.)
    9. Do not use Nautilus /GD only class codes while rating General liability
    10. When processing renewals do not rate any endorsements that is been charged for on a policy to ‘meet minimum premium’ or to ‘meet difference in premium

2008 September

    1. UM is not be added and rated as an endorsement for the state of Oklahoma neither on new business nor on renewals

    2. We can rate only with physical damage coverage if the insured requests for it

    3. An insured’s name has to be truncated before pulling out the SAFER and the FMCSA reports

    4. BAT rates should always be used on trucking accounts unless otherwise advised

    5. All BAT accounts must be rated with Truckers’ secondary classification

    6. For all Florida and Louisiana branch accounts, if the MVRs are previewed, enter all the drivers on parallel

    7. If the insured’s name starts with a ‘THE’, it (THE) should always be entered in the end

    8. On all Florida accounts, even when requested by the agent, HCPD will not be rated and a note will be placed about the same under the preview comments section

    9. One single policy cannot contain different limits for UM on different vehicles

    10. Florida branch requirement – UM must always be 10% of the limit and nothing more

 2008 August

    1. On all Louisiana new business account the maximum medical Payments limit that can be is $2000

    2. All General Liability accounts written for the Colorado branch will have to be experience rated

    3. The HCPD coverage limit under no circumstance will be taken as the cost of hire for rating purposes

    4. Florida accounts

    5. Medical payments has to be rated on all the trailers if it is being written on the policy

    6. The secondary classification of all the trailers should be NOC / all other

    7. Rental reimbursement coverage should be applied only on Private Passenger vehicles

    8. If the account is an owner / operator risk, Worker compensation should not be checked on Rackley

    9. If there is only one unit on the risk, experience rating is not required to be done

    10. In case the requested deductible is not available on Rackley, use the next highest deductible and make a preview comment regarding the same

    11. Both Addlins blanket and specified can be added on one account if it has been requested by the agent, but there has to be a preview comment about the same

    12. For the state of Arkansas – the liability deductible has to be applied in accordance with the annotations made by the prep team else per the agent’s request

    13. DOC coverage needs to include UM and Medical Payments along with the Liability coverage if these coverages are a part of the primary coverage

    14. All units in Texas will be rated on OCN basis

    15. Always headline the prep team notes as “PREP TEAM NOTES”

    16. Always rate according to the annotations done on the application and note in case there are any differences from our guidelines

    17. Stated amount rates must be same as the expiring policy’s rates

    18. If a light / medium / PP vehicle becomes 10 years or older upon renewal, the rating method will not be changed from OCN to SA but a note will be placed to the underwriter regarding the same

    19. If units on Rackley have complete VIN, these should not be deleted upon renewal

    20. On all renewals addition and deletion of vehicles will be based on the renewal submission. But the class codes, limits, values etc. will be used as per the expiring policy

    21. For the states of Colorado, Nevada, Kansas, Utah and Wyoming no undescribed trailer will be added

2008 June

    1. All tow trucks must have secondary classification 03

    2. For Georgia and California branches – e-packets will be used

    3. For the states of Nevada, Colorado, Kansas and Utah experience rating is required

    4. On renewal accounts loss runs should be requested using the renewal risk number and not the expiring policy number

2008 April

    1. If HCPD is been rated under the endorsement section on the expiring policy, do not change or delete it on the renewal risk

    2. Heavy and extra heavy units should always be rated on commercial usage

    3. If the applicant is a contractor and the application shows the radius as 100 miles – rate the risk on local radius basis

    4. All PPT have to be rated on business use i.e. 7391 or 7398

    5. State requirements of Tennessee and Kentucky have been changed to reflect – “Rating will be on OCN basis for all light units and PPTs up to 15 years. Above 15 years of age, physical damage will not rated on these units

    6. If there is a request to rate an account on short term basis, rate it on 12 months basis and place a note to the underwriter

    7. SUVs and MPVs used for business purpose will be rated as light units

    8. Request to rate ‘Designated Insured Endorsement’ will be noted to the underwriter

    9. All trucks tractors must have an equal number of trailer to go along

    10. Physical damage limitation form needs to be on all policies that have physical damage value above $750,000

    11. Light and Medium trucks over 10 years and all trailers to be rated stated amount

    12. Class code for PPT is 7391

    13. Texas MVR are not be requested


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