The BIG NFL GAME – Logistics

The BIG NFL GAME – Logistics

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By, Dawn Kreager

Many people are interested and get wrapped up in the season ending BIG NFL GAME each year. But what compels individuals to give up their Sunday evening to watch the game on the big screen or to spend a large amount of money to be at the game? We have broken it down into what we believe are the four reasons why:

  • The game of football – the excitement to watch the last two teams of the season battle it out to see who comes out on top.
  • Watching the commercials – where companies invest millions of dollars to encourage the consumer to purchase their products.
  • Game day party – getting together with their closest friends to eat, drink and maybe watch a football game.
  • To watch the halftime show – to be entertained by celebrities in-between  the game.


What people might find equally intriguing and may not have considered is what goes on before, during, and after the BIG GAME. While over 100 million US viewers watch the game and companies spend over $5 million dollars on commercials, the work behind the scenes must go on and without visibility. The logistics of this week leading up to and after the game, are both challenging and rewarding for everyone involved.

The teams need to transport all their practice and game day gear, training gear, medical equipment, marketing materials, media guides, and brochures to the practice field as well as the stadium on game day. And you can’t forget about the luggage to and from the airport, to their hotels prior to the game, and the flights home afterwards – Win or Lose for the 1,300 support staff, VIP guests and family members.

The Logistics that take place behind the scenes are enormous and must be coordinated, planned and executed to not miss any deadline or detail. Everything must be in its place and done on time to be successful. So, as you are watching the BIG GAME and eating your nachos, just think of what went on logistically behind the scenes to make the game you love, for whatever the reason, a success.

I have direct experience working to ensure the NFL’s BIG GAME goes off without a hitch. If you want to know more about what it’s like to pull off the Logistics of the NFL’s BIG GAME feel free to call me at 216.868.6061. I’m pretty sure you will be just as interested to hear these stories as you are to see the commercials during the BIG GAME. To learn how Vantage Agora can work behind the scenes to pull off your big event or your daily operations call us at 888.246.7211.


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