Break Policy Policy

Break Policy Policy

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Break Policy effective the 1st September 2008


    1. All employees of Vantage Agora are eligible for breaks in the organization who works for a total of 9 hour shifts.

    2. The employee can take a total of 1 hour break during a working schedule of a total of 9 hours.

    3. If the employee comes into work for half a day he/she is eligible for only for a 20 minute break for the rest of the day.

    4. All employees need to take permission from their respective supervisors prior to taking a break

    5. Any extended breaks needs to be approved by the Assistant Manager Operations

    6. All breaks needs to be monitored by the respective Team Managers

    7. Any employee who takes extended break without prior approval would be marked as late and would affect their schedule adherence on their KRA.

    8. Repeated instance of extended breaks would also lead to disciplinary CIR which would be issued by their respective Team Manager and later lead to termination of services if necessary

    9. The above policy can be modified by the Center Head and exceptions to this policy made only by the Center Head of Vantage Agora.


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