Businesses Discover New Path to Reporting and Training Excellence

Businesses Discover New Path to Reporting and Training Excellence

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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio, USA, December 13, 2016 — For Foundations Health Solutions (FHS), a premier long-term care support firm and Professional Employee Organization (PEO), compliance with requirements set forth by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is a critical consideration in reporting Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) hours and in employee training. FHS turned to Vantage Agora for a technology-based solution that would afford the organization greater efficiency and accuracy in these areas.

“Our company prides itself on adaptability and staying in front of industry changes,” said FHS HIPAA Director and Integrity Officer Grace Rawlins. “In addition to helping us achieve operational efficiencies, this system enables us to disseminate information and education to employees quickly and easily, in a variety of formats. It’s the only logical way to keep up with educating employees on ever-changing government regulations.”

In partnership with Visyt, Vantage Agora developed this tailored solution for FHS using technology including the OX Zion business operating system (BOS). The new tools help FHS import time-clock, time-sheet, payroll and vendor data into a single platform for accurate, efficient Payroll-Based Journal reporting. The tools also include a training and assessment module that helps 8,000 employees meet ongoing training requirements.

“When I ask other CEOs what keeps them up at night, they often speak about issues with control, visibility, real-time meaningful data and compliance,” said Sudhir Achar, CEO and co-founder of Vantage Agora Inc. “Our business operating system, OX Zion, is built on these core fundamentals. For example, one of the apps on the system, CEO Desktop, enables business leaders to see the real-time status — including sales forecasts, projects, processes, tasks, HR, accounting, compliance and much more — of every department.”

FHS is just one example of an organization harnessing breakthrough technology to achieve its operational and workforce goals. Vantage Agora has built OX Zion into solutions for businesses in industries ranging from healthcare, insurance and human resources to manufacturing, sales and information technology.

“The architecture of OX Zion is exceedingly versatile and industry agnostic,” explained Vantage Agora Solutions Architect Mehul Kenia. “When presented with the FHS challenge, we were able to customize an ideal solution quickly. This is one of the most outstanding benefits of OX Zion: We designed it to be adaptable to the unique needs of any business without requiring extensive, and often expensive, code modification.”


Vantage Agora is a Beachwood, Ohio-based team with expertise in operations, technology, Six Sigma, Lean management, business process re-engineering (BPR) and business process management (BPM), focused on helping clients reduce operational costs, improve quality and boost revenues. Vantage Agora offers consultative services and the business operating system OX Zion, which it launched in 2015.


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