Career: One simple tip to ensure that your company can scale you with it!

Career: One simple tip to ensure that your company can scale you with it!

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As your organization grows you will find yourself having to do more and challenging yourselves in areas that will help you get ahead in your career by growing with the company. But the ground rules don’t change. Unless you provide undivided attention to customer and projects you will not be able to get a ‘Customer Delight’ rating from your customers. Meaning, you have to do your today’s job better than yesterday and do extra!!!!

Now you will be thinking, “How on earth can I do more and provide deep analysis on customer data and spend quality time with customer????”

There is a simple way. You are doing this to a certain extent but you are not doing it consistently enough. Let me tell you what and why?

I will give you the short answer to the ‘what’ first. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

1.   Get organized internally as a professional. Meaning, you have to set up calendar appointments with yourself when you have to work on your tasks. That way you don’t commit to this time to others. Remember, calendar appointments are not just for meetings. At VA we have given a hard cover ‘VA little black book’ to ensure just this. We call this operating rhythms.

2.   Whenever you meet an interrupt (Which you will, more than once in a day) please ask yourself, “is it an emergency (Important and Urgent (IU)) or important (Important but Not Urgent (INU)–These are good interrupts)?

3.   When the interrupt is a IU just show leadership and take decisions. Call whoever you want, whenever you want. Act like it is your baby! Stop if from crying. No time to hold back here.

4.   When the interrupt is an INU please create a task your company tracker (‘ox zion’ in our case) and make sure that you inform people in advance about this so that they can be prepared during the call. Then make a decision as a team in your weekly call.

If you want to know WHY this is the best solution read on…

Now, stop reading and just jog back in your memory on the number of times you had an unscheduled conversation (over the phone, email, or in person chats) about a issue that had cropped up in your organization.

Was it something that had to do with people, was it an emergency, was this something that you were just keeping your management in the loop, was this something that is time sensitive that needs all of us to be on a call to sort out? If the answer is “YES” (IU)!!!! Glad you interrupted and glad you talked and sorted it out.

The best way to test this out is to ask yourself the question, “Is this an emergency (IU)?”

If not (INU), let it wait for a decision in your weekly huddle?

In my own career of having worked for 20+ years in several fortune 100 companies I have found that 99% of the time it is NOT an emergency (INU)!!!!! Wow!!!! That is pretty sweet. It just gives us the freedom to be slow, run deep, and to do one thing and doit better than anybody else in the world! (Rule #1)

In the rare case it is an emergency! Go ahead, make the call! Take the decision. Be a leader.

Now, let us find out WHY we are telling you this. When a company is growing you will have to do more before to ramp up your team (This true when you are ramp-ing down also). You and your team will have to be flexible, nimble and quick while growing as an organization. If you don’t have a good stable system you will all end up trying to make decisions when you and your management is on the road without proper information on hand. This is a sure recipe for disaster. When you try to do more than one thing at a time bad things happen. This is when you will feel your management is inconsistent and your management feels that there is no visibility in the organization. When both are not true!

Go on try this system out and let me for 21 working days without a break and let me know how that worked out with you. If you are like us at VA I am sure you will tell me that are enjoying your work more and your customers are truly using the word ‘Delight’ when the talk about your service.

If you have anymore questions on scaling up your company along with yourself, call us at +1-888-246-7211 or email at and we will get back to you with solutions to all your queries!

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-By Harsha Chaturvedi, COO (Vantage Agora Inc.,)


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