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Uncle Sam Wants You… To Pay Up!

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By, Mordechai Zimberg, Controller  With panic in full swing for millions of U.S. tax payers, there is good news for those who procrastinated in getting their taxes in order. Taxes are typically due on April 15, but this year that date falls on a Saturday and the following Monday is a government holiday. This lucky […]

Death & Taxes: VA Can Help You With The Taxes

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By, Mordechai Zimberg, Controller 2017 offers tax payers an additional three days before having to file your tax documents. Due to a weekend and a Washington, D.C. holiday taxes are not due until April 18, 2017. The first quarter of every calendar year causes tremendous stress for millions of business owners, individuals, and tax preparation experts. […]

A sure way to make money!

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In the last 20+ years, we have met more than 1000 “C” level people. At least 20% of them from Fortune 1000 companies. Literally all of them were big on the market – traded or invested in a big way, and yet most of them had no visibility into their own organization!   You may be […]

Penny Wise = Bad Business. You need to know why

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Around a year ago, one of our customer was pushing us to improve our productivity by 2%. We did everything we could from time study analysis, to process consultant, to even having people take typing classes!! Our customer argument was simple “I have to bring down my cost by 10% and I can do that […]

If You Want To Burn Money Then Do It Yourself!

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If you agree with this, you are burning money! Recently I read an article which went on to say that having partner company work on your back office processing is risky because your organization does not have any control over how your partner company works. It also stated that your company might be in trouble […]

VA Research: Predictions about India

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A look back at some bold predictions that were made in 2005 about India that have come true! A quick review of India by Vantage Agora. Indian Economy – An Overview Economic Growth Sustained economic performance Average since 1991  6.2% 2004-05   6.9% Forecast till 2050 –Goldman Sachs  5   % p.a. Services account for over […]

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