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Adapting to the Changing Insurance Industry

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By, Bryan Fields, Sr Sales Representative The insurance industry is experiencing a revolution.’s recently-released 2017 Insurance Industry Employment and Hiring Outlook Survey provides an inside look at hiring trends in the national insurance industry, and things are definitely changing. In the past few years, the insurance industry has experienced tremendous growth and expansion, which means […]

Get More Out of Your Business Process Outsourcing Solution

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By, Mike Fieseler, VP of Business Development In today’s busy world, insurance agency leaders don’t have time to waste if they want to remain competitive and profitable. Contracting certain business functions and augmenting staffing needs is a strategic and effective solution; however, some business leaders are hesitant to rely on a workforce they can’t actually see. […]

Switch to the Next Generation of BPO

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By Bryan Fields, Senior Sales Representative Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an industry that generates over $100 billion annually with a handful of giants in the marketplace. These giants dominate the BPO industry due to their global brand recognition and ability to acquire companies to gain market share and block out competitors. Unfortunately, this has […]

Texas Windstorm Depopulation

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The depopulation of the Texas Windstorm Association services is designed to provide coastal policy holders with an alternative private options for wind and hail insurance as approved by the Texas Legislature in 2015 as Senate Bill 900. Most of the homeowner’s insurance carriers do not include wind and hail damage in the 14 coastal counties […]

The Eye of the Storm

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Hurricane Matthew made its first landfall in the United States on October 8th, southeast of McClellanville, South Carolina as a category 1 hurricane with wind speeds of 75 mph. It moved very close to the coastlines of Florida, North Carolina and Georgia, releasing its carnage all through its path.   Hurricane Matthew is reported to […]

Six Sigma: 3 ways a manufacturing quality tool applies to the insurance industry

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Manufacturing concepts, like Six Sigma, are being applied to other industries, including insurance. (Photo: Shutterstock/ “Six Sigma” is a term used widely in manufacturing, but little known in the insurance industry. Industries such as medical devices and cellular telephones approach the management of quality—using Six Sigma as a tool—with intensity and focus to drive down […]

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