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Workflow Automation Eliminates Errors for Clinical Reference Lab

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By, Mehul Kenia, Solutions Architect Business Challenge In the medical community, Cleveland HeartLab, Inc. is a forward-thinking innovator that offers ground-breaking, scientifically proven, and medically germane biomarkers that accurately predict cardiovascular risk. Cleveland HeartLab is also known for its unique profile of tests concentrated on managing and reducing inflammation. While Cleveland HeartLab utilized information technology […]

Manual vs. Automated

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Automation of Manual Processes Frees Up Time for Agents/Brokers by Harsha Chaturvedi, COO & Co, Founder, Vantage Agora The automation of complex processes seems like science fiction. For example: Google’s prototype of the self-driving car seems to bring the future even closer. What isn’t far-fetched is the automation of business processes that once were completed manually. But […]

New Loss-Analysis App from Vantage Agora Offers Brokers/Wholesalers Tool for Big-Picture View

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Source obtained from programbusiness Vantage Agora has released a new loss-analysis web application that allows insurance brokers, program managers and managing general agents to view and analyze consolidated data on claims losses for clients and prospects. The application gives a big-picture view of a book of business. Brokers can use the insights it provides for […]

Tech Developer Launches Loss-Analysis App for Brokers

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Source obtained from ibamag   A new loss-analysis web application from Vantage Agora hopes to assist insurance brokers in marketing/remarketing accounts and negotiating premiums for clients and prospects. The SaaS app is hosted on Vantage Agora’s browser-based “ox zion” platform, and combines claims loss data from sources such as a broker’s management system as well […]

If you are not virtual already you are behind the curve

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It was a normal day at our P&C Insurance back-office processing unit of Vantage Agora. I told my team member to log into the remote desktop and check the number of incoming files. Just as she logged in, she realized that our customer Denny had logged into the system as well. Denny immediately opened a word document […]

Workstation Security

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VA Policy Home    Workstation Security Policy Effective the 1st March 2008 Version Control Effective on 1st of November 2008 1.0 Purpose The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for workstation security for workstations in order to ensure the security of information on the workstation and information the workstation may have access to. […]

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