Cleveland Browns – Hanging Tough, Staying Hungry

Cleveland Browns – Hanging Tough, Staying Hungry

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giants-at-cle-11_2_5866 years ago, the Cleveland Browns played their first game as a part of the National Football League (NFL). Being a part of the All-American Football Conference (AAFC), the Browns were considered inferior by their competitors in the bigger, grander stage. On September 16th, 1950, the Cleveland Browns defeated the two time defending champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, in their first NFL match, proving that actions speak louder than words. With this weekend being the home opener, let’s take a look into some Brown’s history that does not make us cringe.

The Cleveland Browns are the only team in the NFL to be named after a former coach. Deriving their name from Paul Brown (former coach and co-founder), the Browns were formed in 1945 as a part of the All-American Football Conference and later moved on to becoming one of the members in the prestigious NFL. Dominating the AAFC for five years, on this day more than half a century ago they made NFL history.
Being ridiculed and criticized by other teams as being a big fish in a small pond, the Browns built a strong foundation out of the stones that were thrown at them and moved their way up in the tournament with a win-loss streak of 10-2. They proved the critics wrong, winning all their matches except for two games and making it to the finals of the NFL tournament to defeat the Los Angeles Rams. It was a fairy tale ending for every Cleveland sports fan in the country when the underdogs brought the NFL cup home to the 216, proving that with hard work and perspiration, dreams do come true.
The Browns went on to win the NFL title after the 1950 edition in 1954, 1955 and 1964, respectively showcasing their talent. With transitions, shifting home grounds and expansions, the team lost their original charm that they had attained in their early years and became the “there’s always next year” team. Even with a long losing streak, the Browns still have the most loyal fan base that cherishes the past and hope for the future.
Vantage Agora is proud to be from the Land and what the Browns did in the past is nothing short of magical. We wish to recreate that magic on a different field that is much bigger than 120 yards and keep it going through time. The “old” Browns proved that all it takes is determination to face all the challenges and convert them to stepping stones leading to a better place. Let’s do the same because in Cleveland and in Vantage Agora, when the chips are down and our backs are to the wall, it’s showtime!
Even though the Browns have not seen a golden day in years, their past is worthy enough to be remembered. The VA family wishes them the very best for their home game on Sunday.


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