Value 1: Do One Thing & Do It Better Than Anybody Else in the World

Value 1: Do One Thing & Do It Better Than Anybody Else in the World

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The 10 Values of Vantage Agora

At Vantage Agora, we have our own set of Values which we follow by word and deed. You will hear, see and feel these values inside any Vantage Agora workspace—no matter the country or state it is in. These 10 principles make us who we are and help define what we do.

This week let’s take a deeper look into the 1st Value of Vantage Agora.


Value 1: Do One Thing & Do It Better Than Anybody Else in the World

It’s an amazing idea to think of, doing just one thing and doing it better than anybody else in the world. But it’s definitely not an easy task. Reaching the top can be close to impossible, and staying there can be even more difficult. You need to have consistency in every step, with hard work being omnipresent. Consistency helps you stay on top, regardless of the scenarios that pop up along the way. We have mentioned in other blogs about the importance of consistency of purpose and how it helps us achieve our goals in an organized manner. Keeping consistency in mind, complete your tasks so that your outstanding track record is always the proof of your struggles. You may not succeed in the initial few tries, but keep the momentum going and your vision clear. Every time you get knocked down, roll over, look at the stars and aim for them harder next time around so that you reach a higher point every single time. Once you are there you can stand tall and expand your horizons to something bigger and better with the same consistency and hard work.

A beautiful example of starting small and further expanding is Facebook. When Facebook started off, they only concentrated on college students. They wanted to make a platform exclusively for students and they concentrated only on that vertical. They didn’t go for the entire world, they just aimed at a small group and did their magic. Once they owned that vertical consistently, they slowly expanded and caught the world by storm.

Keep the circle small in the first steps. Function with accuracy and perfection to become the best there is and then slowly move into bigger circles. Slowly but steadily, you will find yourself growing with the circle, doing tasks that are bigger and better with the same precision as you were in the first step. This is addictive like all the other addictions in the world, but on a different scale altogether.

Enjoy this addiction of doing things with perfection and fall in love with it. Execute all the strategies to success and soon you will see yourself being the best in the world in it.

Keep doing the same thing, regardless of the circle you find yourself in and you will get where you want to be. Buckle up, press the pedal and zoom into the reality where the tasks done by you are better than anybody else’s.

The 1st Value should be rule #1 for everyone, regardless of what they do or how they do it. Be the best and keep getting better. Stay focused and work harder every day because being the best is difficult, but staying the best is even more difficult. Never lose the focus and keep the hard work coming in to ‘Do One Thing & Do It Better Than Anybody Else in the World’.


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