Critical Incident Report

Critical Incident Report

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Employee Name: Employee ID: Supervisor Name:


Process related (non adherence to the expected standards / processes)

Process not adhered to:

  •  Example:

Action recommended by Supervisor: Signature:

    This report has to be created by a Manager for every instance of Misbehavior by the employee, Insubordination, Unscheduled absenteeism, consistent non performance by their respective team member and Integrity Issues

     The CIR needs to be detailed and precise of why this is been issued for a particular employee, what is the future action and what is the severity of the issue if the same incident takes place again.

CIR is a tool that is used to groom a team member’s attitude towards work

      Before the issuance of the CIR to an employee it needs to be discussed with the Assistance Manager Operations

Every CIR needs to be signed by the Center Head

Remarks of Assistant Manager Operations: Signature:

Escalated to:

Remarks of Center Head: Signature:


Employee Signature:


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