Cut Through the Email Clutter With OX Mail

Cut Through the Email Clutter With OX Mail

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by Thomas Balla, Learning Product Manager

Let’s face it; people hate email. Email is one of the most misused and abused technology applications. There are too many emails, from too many people and staying on top of it all can become a major challenge.

There are simply too many ways to get it wrong–from misspellings to delays in responding, not responding, not including the right people or including too many people (hello “Reply All”). Things just get tangled up in email. But now there’s a solution to cut through all that clutter.

Breaking free from the entanglement

Vantage Agora recently launched a new, advanced OX Mail tool as part of its industry-leading Business Operating System, (BOS), OX Zion to help organizations stay on top of emails, notifications and key metrics.

With just one click, OX Mail cuts through the clutter by converting misused emails into productive, visible, trackable action items. There is no more tracking, replying or forwarding emails to get important things completed. OX Mail offers many key benefits for bringing all email activities into one centralized system

  • Transparent communication: Say goodbye to missed or lost correspondence. OX Mail makes email messaging, chatting and collaborating easier for all employees, no matter where they’re located, all within one transparent platform.
  • Simple integration: OX Mail seamlessly integrates with multiple external email accounts, such as Gmail and Outlook. The system also alleviates the need for business email accounts for employees who do not work externally with clients.
  • Cost savings: Email costs can quickly add up. Organizations that leverage OX Mail can reduce licensing costs by eliminating the need to purchase third-party email clients such as Microsoft Outlook.
  • From email to action: OX Mail users can convert emails into action with just one click. Users can create tasks, generate help desk tickets, create an audit function, update project plans, create new contracts and much more; all within one, easy-to-use platform.

OX Mail gives users all the comfort of external email systems, without ever having to leave OX Zion. It’s the tool that combines all the functions of a BOS together, making team communication simple and unified. Find out what you’re missing. Contact us today to request a demo of OX Zion to see how you can break free from the email entanglement.


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