Data Visualization is Key to CRM Success

Data Visualization is Key to CRM Success

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By, Arvind Gopalakrishnan, VP Customer Experience

For businesses, keeping track of contacts is imperative to maintaining strong customer relationships and building new connections with prospects. But traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions have come a long way from simple contact management systems to more sophisticated and complex databases that facilitate closer connections with customers, sell more and further develop your business.

And while a robust CRM is critical to tracking relationships with current and prospective customers, an overabundance of information can make deciphering that data in a meaningful way challenging. Imagine if you could see all your business contacts visually at a glance. That’s where data visualization comes in. By leveraging data visualization, businesses can improve the effectiveness of CRM technology and transform information into action.

Vantage Agora’s Business Operating System, OX Zion, has a CRM tool with all the features people have come to expect from a CRM, including a user-friendly interface, easy-to-access cloud-based system, versatility for various industries, and integrated with email and telephone communication. But the key differentiator in the OX Zion CRM tool is the geo-mapping feature.

Map Data to Locate Prospects

CRM Map Dashboard

For example, geo-mapping on the tool enables users to visually see on a map where all their clients, prospects and leads are located. Each contact in the CRM can be marked with a color-coded pin on a map so one can visualize the geographic location in relation to other contacts. This feature allows a salesperson to easily differentiate between clients (green pins) and prospects (yellow pins) to optimize their geo-mapping search results and make better use of their time.

This geo-mapping tool will make your travel more efficient. Oftentimes business trips are not optimized due to a narrow focus of a specific meeting or event. Data visualization tools enable business travelers to enter a location and create a contact listed based on the mapping features to initiate calls and emails to set up additional meetings and drop-offs. These added-value visits increase the overall value proposition for the business trip to ensure maximum productivity.

In addition to geo-mapping, CRM tools seamlessly integrate with marketing communications, allowing teams to develop more targeted messaging based on heavy concentrations of contacts in a specific geographic location. For example, a B2B business may want to send a communication to CRM contacts informing them that weather-related disruptions may impact services. If a winter storm shuts down sections of a region, a quick geo-map search can be completed and a communication can be sent directly to those clients based on visually overlapping the affected region and location of CRM contacts.

Data visualization integration with the OX Zion CRM tool is more effective than the way traditional CRM tools present contact information. Contact us for a demo to learn how your team could be getting more out of your CRM system.


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