Delivering Great Customer Service in 4 Simple Steps

Delivering Great Customer Service in 4 Simple Steps

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By, Catherine Meleeta, Logistics Manager

For the Moving & Storage industry, the peak season is in full swing. Moves of all kinds are happening seemingly around the clock: Local, Intrastate, Interstate, International, etc. Generally speaking, for those working with a licensed and bonded mover affiliated with the American Moving & Storage Association, are served without much trouble or disruption. Using a mover that is not a certified ProMover is likely to result in a disaster, potential fraud, and possibly worse!

For the certified ProMovers looking to differentiate themselves, they can follow these 4 simple steps. Take caution to not confuse “simple” with “easy.” These 4 steps are not easy to execute for all customers, all the time, but for certified Moving & Storage companies that consistently deliver all 4 steps, it will be the dominant company within their footprint.

Step 1: Pick Up On Time

Moving for most families is an emotional event. There are several priorities families try to balance during a move and the last thing they need to add to their list is, “where are the movers? They were supposed to be here 90-minutes ago!”

Step 2: Deliver On Time

This goes without saying, all the worldly belongings of an individual or family are on a truck that hasn’t arrived on the day it was scheduled to arrive. Emotions are high, plans were made and expectations set. Now all that changes for the worse. Those emotions are now directed at the moving crew and the van line.

Step 3: No Damage to the Goods or Property

Unfortunately, poor planning, inexperienced movers, sloppy packers and overall recklessness are all leading contributors to damages and claims. Each of these causes are 100% avoidable. Delivering damaged goods and/or damaging the property while making the delivery will always leave the worst possible impression for the van line. In many cases a claims settlement does not make the transferee whole or happy.

Step 4: Invoice the Customer Timely and Accurately

Closing out a great move involves completing the process with a timely and accurate invoice. For COD customer, it’s making all required adjustments quickly with all the supporting materials for the changes. No one wants to receive an invoice followed with a supplemental invoice or an invoice 30-days after the move occurred.

The van lines and agents that can successfully deliver on these 4 simple steps will truly differentiate themselves in the marketplace.


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