End the Software Stand-Alone Game

End the Software Stand-Alone Game

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By, Thomas Balla, Customer Experience Specialist

Most off-the-shelf software packages stand along one wall while all the other software packages stand along a completely different wall, just like high schoolers at the homecoming dance.


Not talking or interacting with one another.

This stand-alone model doesn’t work for teenagers at the dance and it certainly doesn’t work for business owners who continue to invest in their stand-alone software solutions.

Vantage Agora offers an industry-leading Business Operating System, OX Zion, that enables business leaders to end the frustrating cycle of relying on mission critical, stand-alone software that doesn’t interface with other mission critical stand-alone software. Some examples of stand-alone software include Accounting platforms, Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Human Resources software, Supplier Management portals, and legacy production platforms.

Each of these stand-alone systems are expensive to purchase and support, and are not integrated with one another. Rather than utilizing an integrated ecosystem of sophisticated software solutions, companies instead have a bunch of expensive, stand-alone tools that solve one narrow business issue. Companies need data from each stand-alone system to give them a clear understanding of what is happening in their business and with their customers.

Without an integrated software solution, business leaders are forced to rely on the “Download – Stitch – Report – Repeat” cycle:

  1. Employees download data from each of the stand-alone software solutions. This requires logging into the different stand-alone software platforms and running several queries to download the data.
  2. Employees stitch together the data to create some sort of visibility across the enterprise. This takes at least one employee several hours, and in some cases several days, to complete the stitching together of the data.
  3. A static report is created with the stitched together data. This report is oftentimes several days old because of the time it takes to download and stitch together. The report typically has stale intelligence because of the time it takes to complete the report.
  4. This whole process needs to be repeated to get the same enterprise-wide visibility. Whether these reports are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly, this ineffective and employee-driven 4-step process is required to be repeated each and every time.

Companies that switch to OX Zion will eliminate the dreaded “Download – Stitch – Report – Repeat” cycle. OX Zion can integrate each of your stand-alone software solutions through a proprietary Application Program Interface (API) that will create on-demand dashboards to give you real-time intelligence and visibility across your enterprise.

Even more powerful than acting as an API for your existing stand-alone software platforms, OX Zion is a Business Operating System that can replace many of your costly platforms. As an industry-leading Business Operating System, OX Zion has many of the tools built right into the platform: client relationship management (CRM), human resources, email, intranet, social media, instant messaging, project management, word processing, and spreadsheets.

Our robust Business Operating System is industry agnostic but OX Zion’s strength is fully realized with companies that deal with Big Data. Companies in the Insurance, Logistics, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries find tremendous value in OX Zion because of the actionable dashboards, on-demand and enterprise-wide visibility, and 24/7 cloud-based access. OX Zion not only shows business leaders what’s happening in their business at any time, it also produces trending reports that enable leaders to predict what will happen next. That’s more than any stand-alone software solution can ever do!

Call us at 888.246.7211 or email us today to see how OX Zion can eliminate your stand-alone software problems and can begin to give you the enterprise-wide visibility and decision-making intelligence your business needs.


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