Your Family Matters To Us

Your Family Matters To Us

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By, Ranjana Hans, Business Analyst


We at Vantage Agora use Operational Excellence in our day-to-day functions at the office and we see how the seven steps continue to drive us forward. The question is, how can we apply these 7 steps in our daily life outside of the office and how can they positively impact us and our families.

Operating Rhythm – Implement rhythms to follow in day-to-day activities to help set expectations and alleviate confusion.

  • Regardless if it’s at the office or at home, we need to effectively communicate to make sure that everyone has the same understanding, and expectations, as well as knowledge of when deadlines need to be met, and the ability to follow through with them.
  • Interruptions are a constant in everyone’s lives but balancing these interruptions and limiting their effects will not only assist in meeting deadlines but creating a structure.
  • Creating schedules and using calendars at work and at home is a great tool to help with Operating Rhythm.

Consistency of Purpose – Aligning all tasks for job roles to the company and departments goals and annual operating plan.

  • Goals as well as mission/vision statements are necessary to keep everyone aligned. If people don’t know and understand their goals, how will they succeed? What will push them to succeed?
  • Chores at home is a great way for kids to know their expectations and creates Consistency of Purpose within the household.

Manage by Data – Analysis of real-time data relative to key performance indicators to drive the decision-making process.

  • Data is needed for key decisions to be made, either at home or in the office. Without this data, information can be lost and not used in decision making.
  • When planning a family trip, you need to research the facts and information about the area and events, then develop a plan to create your itinerary. By doing this you are Managing the Data to make informed decisions that will result in the best outcome.

Measure the Immeasurable – People behave as they are measured.

  • Data can be abundant and hard to manage if you don’t have the right tools. By using quantity and quality as key metrics in the workplace, this will keep objectives easier to manage.
  • Facebook can be a great way to measure data. Many people can now work from home or support local causes by starting social media accounts for things that they are passionate about. By reviewing likes and shares on pictures, blogs and posts, you can Measure the Immeasurable and ensure that you are successful in ways that may not have been possible for everyone before the days of Google Analytics and social media.

Tactical Planning – implementing plans of action for positive and negative scenarios that could arise within a business/project.

  • As situations occur, the team or family needs to be able to adapt to situations and develop a call to action or an action plan to complete in a timely manner. This plan needs to apply creative thinking and respond quickly. Tactical planning is short term goals.
  • Things such as having a first-aid kit handy, or making sure you have plenty of perishables and water stored in case of emergency are great ways to tactically plan for your family’s needs. Once you have children to care for, you need to make sure that you are keeping everyone safe at all times, no matter what situation might arise. Other examples would be keeping a set of jumper cables, or blankets in your car on a long trip. There are many ways you probably tactically plan for your family every day that are just second nature.

Adapting to Change – Using an awareness of external factors to evolve as a company and leapfrog the market.

  • Change is a part of life and we need to be able to adapt. We need to accept these changes and learn and grow from them in business and at home. This is how we create value.
  • One of the hardest things for many people is to accept change and adapt. A child leaving home to go off to college or someone starting a new job are two examples of difficult changes that are bound to happen in life. You need to take the time to learn about the change, listen to the change and over time, find the correct course of action to be able to Adapt to Change.

Learning Organization – Institutionalizing learning across an organization that keeps everyone in the knowledge loop, alleviating problems that could potentially arise.

  • Standard Operating Procedure aims to achieve efficiency and performance. These standards are used to align the procedures and processes within the organization.
  • A family can also use SOP by creating a routine. This routine can help families manage time and serve as an opportunity to teach responsibility.

We all need to keep a balance in both our work and home lives, and what better way to accomplish this than by using the tools that we have implemented. See how else Vantage Agora can assist you and your business with these and other tools. Contact us today!


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