Data Security

Data Security

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At Vantage Agora we take security of our client’s data very seriously. We handle security at 2 levels

    • Premise Level.
    • System Level.
      • Background checks are performed on all our employees.
      • No employee is not allowed to take any printed material out of our premisis.
      • All our empolyees sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients.
      • Our facilities are monitored 24X7.
      • All our systems have no writable drives like USB ports or CD ROM drives.
      • Firewall sytems to prevent unauthorized access.
      • All systems have virus protection.
      • All equipment are checked and validated while entering and leaving our offices.

Security Practices at our facilities:

Please feel free to look at the VA SOP that we follow within VA to prove to you that you are in good hands.



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