FAQ: Is my IP safe?

FAQ: Is my IP safe?

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Companies like GM and GE have their design centers in India where their most confidential latest technologies are being created!

Indian companies and US/European companies in India have the same if not more stringent clauses for data, security and IP. There are places called free trade zone where the security is very stringent.

India has stringent laws and very harsh penalties for information crimes as it is the fastest growing industry and the India’s economy is based on outsourcing.

In the last 10-15 years of outsourcing to India there has not been a single instance of a customer’s software that has been stolen. On the contrary Indian software companies have had their IP stolen by Western resellers.

How do I go about finding the right partner?

Finding the right company requires you to know India and the local companies. Given that you have to choose a company that is smaller or the same size as yours (considering that you are mid-market company) you have to make sure that you find a company that fits your profile. We strongly recommend that you do it through a company like Vantage Agora. It does not have to be us, but please, if you are serious about outsourcing do make sure that you work with an expert in outsourcing.

If the whole point of outsourcing is to gain values by letting others take care of your non-core competency then let a company like Vantage Agora help you with your outsourcing needs. If you are interested in working with Vantage Agora just follow the link for our contact information. We maintain a very strict policy and auditing to make sure that we keep you data secure. Here is a link to our Logical and Physical separation policy. 


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