The Future of Shipment Accounting in the Moving & Storage Industry

The Future of Shipment Accounting in the Moving & Storage Industry

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The Future of Shipment Accounting in the Moving & Storage Industry

by Ashley Luczaj

Operational Excellence Manager, OX Logistics


The American Moving and Storage Association boasts their industry as home to over 7,000 companies that generate over $12.6 billion annually. The industry faces many opportunities as well as several significant challenges, including:


Over the course of 2017, the Vantage Agora OX Logistics Team will address many of these opportunities and challenges through blog posts, information graphics, and white papers. Today, we will explore the Future of Shipment Accounting because the challenges in this one area affect nearly all 7,000 companies in the industry.


The future of shipment accounting is one that eliminates the following inefficiencies:

  • Missing or delayed paperwork from the move.
  • Illegible entries on handwritten paperwork.
  • Delayed and inaccurate payments to suppliers.
  • Failure to invoice timely which makes collection more difficult.
  • Failure to meet contractual service level agreements which make collection impossible.
  • Difficulties in ramping up staffing and training during the peak seasons.


There are innovative solutions to each of these challenges. The moving and storage companies that embrace some paradigm-shifting change in their strategies, operations, and/or technology will survive as independent operators. By deciding to no longer accept the status quo of how shipment accounting is handled, leaders will position their companies to achieve maximum success for the next generation of ownership.

With the New Year just a few days old, the question remains: Why wait to start creating the future your moving and storage company deserves?


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  • Harsha Chaturvedi says:

    Nice write up Ashley. Would like to talk to you some time about this and other thoughts on Logistics that the larger team in VA might benefit.

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