Heard on the floor…

Heard on the floor…

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These are events that occur on the floor at Vantage Agora. It will give you a good idea of how we think and act. This article is meant to provide you insight into lighter side of VA operations without actually being here with us. We will be adding more as we go on but this is a start… read on.


Yuraj, our in-house Insurance IT Expert (We call him “Slash” because he can do everything from rating, reporting, IT, to flash, and even development) had hurt his big toe and had come in with a big bandage. He missed sending something out to Sindhu (I forget what it was). When David (General Manger Bangalore Center) asked Sindhu if Slash had sent him the document, Sindhu (Our assistant manager in charge of operations) smiled and said “Oh! He didn’t. He has had a brain damage!!”.


One of Backoffice assistant managers Anoop Sam was in the habit of writing acronyms for like most of us. Given the fact that we work between India and US some of these acronyms tend to take their own local flavors. For example in India people use terms like PFA meaning “Please Find Attached” or PFB “Please Find Below” where as in the US we use things like OOO that stands for “Out Of Office”.

Sam started working with one of our friends and customer, Patrick who was not aware of these terms and got a barrage of FYI, PFA, & PFB in the first week of the project itself from Sam. When he go his chance Patrick made a strong comeback with “OOO” the completely foxed Sam. Patrick knew this would happen and followed it up with an explanation email a few minutes about how he was going to be out of the office. Needless to say that we have not seen too many acronyms from Sam after that :)!


As I sit in the floor I can sometimes over hear things that are pretty funny. One of our employees Azhu out of the blue called out to Yuvi and said, “Yuvi, the systems are running slow!!!”. Yuvi, who sits a couple of rows away instantly replied “That is because you are too fast Azhu!!!!”. There was a loud laughter and things progressed on as though nothing had happened!


Finally our own VA website has been updated after 6 years! We wanted to change it to the next version for the last six months! I can say that this is easily one of the hardest websites that I have been involved in building. Mind you, this is coming from a person that has officially managed the launch over 50+ websites. At one point Mehul and Roopa had thrown up their hands! The thing that was good see was the passion and pains we took to make sure that every word, every font, every line was in the right place. It may not look great to many people but we wanted to make at difference to our target market. At times our sense of perfection comes in our way of trying to get things done but we love it because the product that we get out is just what we want. We are proud of you team. Keep pushing us. We love it!

Sometime in April 2011:

One of our staff had a computer malfunction. Ramesh our IT help person replaced only the monitor to make sure that it was not an empty complaint for the sake of complaining :)! What was really funny is that the problem went away!!!


We are back with a bang after a long gap! Ankush (Our koolest intern — More because is has no idea what is going on around him :)) was working with Harsha and after working for 15 minutes at a streatch his computer crashed. Yuvi who came by quickly asked “Is that because you were working too hard and your computer is not used to this much hard work!!!!

Needless to say that I was there to report it for you.


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