Just-In-Time Staffing

Just-In-Time Staffing

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By, Ashley Luczaj, Operational Excellence Manager

Companies in the Moving & Storage Industry face the staffing yo-yo effect every peak season. As the Summer moving season ramps up, companies begin hiring seasonal workers, train them, and slowly put them into production. While this process seems easy enough, the truth is the process is too cumbersome, expensive, and inefficient for maximum productivity. Let’s break down the 10-Step Seasonal Cycle:

With Vantage Agora, you have a trusted and proven remote staffing model that quickly and easily ramps up for peak season and ramps back down once the volume begins to drop. You only train our staff once and we take care of the rest.

  • No more hiring and training seasonal staff. We remain current on your processes throughout the year and we add fully trained resources as needed.
  • For a flat rate, you get a fully trained team, a team leader, manager, and all computer equipment, software, and licenses.
  • Our processes of Operational Excellence ensure you receive the highest quality of work and enterprise-wide visibility of the daily production.
  • Our remote staffing model picks up at the end of your production day, maximizing the 24-hour day, and accelerating cashflow.
  • Significantly reduce overtime expenses as production increases at least 100% with a 24-hour workday.

Our Just-in-Time Staffing model works just like Just-in-Time Inventory strategy: to increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving goods only as they are needed in the production process, thereby reducing inventory costs. Similarly, companies in the Moving & Storage Industry eliminate the waste in continuously adding seasonal staff using the 10-Step Seasonal Cycle. Vantage Agora provides a risk-free solution for companies looking to maximize profits by implementing Operational Excellence with their seasonal workforce during the peak season.

Contact us by calling 216.816.9900 or emailing us to see how Just-in-Time Staffing can work for you this peak season.


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