The Kentucky Derby and the Winning Team

The Kentucky Derby and the Winning Team

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By, Cherie Widener, Business Operations Manager

The beating of the hooves.
The roar of the crowd.
They are coming around corner four and approaching the final straightaway.
You can feel the excitement as if you were there.
And then it’s over. Win or Lose, the race is done and it’s time to focus on the Mint Julep that isn’t finished and the Garland of Roses that is being awarded to the winning horse.
These are the sights and sounds of the Kentucky Derby, a prestigious event that takes place every year and has since 1875. There is a lot of history and nostalgia that goes along with the longest, continually held sporting event in America.

As the owners, trainers, and jockeys hold their horses in the highest regard, Vantage Agora does the same with their clients and employees: we work to win the day, every day.  Our employees are the life of our organization. Without them, we cannot function and are not capable to fulfill our company’s vision or brand promise to deliver Operational Excellence.

In order for us to win the day every day for our clients, we continuously invest in our employees through continued education, in-house boot camps, formal mentorship programs, and industry workshops. Our employees enjoy participating in our rigorous, professional development programs because they are confident they’ll be ready when they are at the starting gate of the next big project.

We value our clients and work hard to ensure that the job, tasks, and assignments are completed to the best of our capabilities. We want to ensure that the work experience of both our customers and employees are held at the highest standard of Operational Excellence.


We are a culture of continuous improvement and we have built a team that is cohesive, efficient, and loves to win!

To find out how you can become a part of our award-winning team at Vantage Agora, call us at 216-816-9900 or email us to get started.


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