Kudos to Baan!

Kudos to Baan!

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We, at Vantage Agora, are trying to change the world of enterprises by changing the way organization are run. We make them operationally excellent by running them as a game. We have paired up with Anirbaan Lahiri for he is changing the world for thousands of Indian and Asian golfers by inspiring them to follow their dreams.
Since we help Anirbaan influence a larger audience through the digital space we get to know him in a very different light at close proximity. Even at this close proximity away from the glare of the media and public perception we find him to be an incredible human being that genuinely cares for people around him. We were so in awe of this young super star we thought it might be a fitting note to write on his impressive showing at the Open last week.
While in the US, we met for a round of golf. I saw that he had an extra putter fitted in his bag. I was surprised to see that and asked him why it was so.
“It’s for a childhood friend of mine who is competing in the Indian Open,” he replied.
He doesn’t think for a second and jumps at every opportunity to give back to people in our club who is less fortunate. He envelops a certain kind of enchantment around him that makes people realize the importance of putting others first and giving to others without expecting anything .
Such is the charm of this young man!
He has no fear and believes that he belongs with the best. With this mindset, I’m sure he will achieve his dreams and reach the highest levels!
I believe that this little note on him will derive inspiration among others that aspire and help them achieve their goals as well.


Kudos, Baan!!


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