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IT Analyst – Operations’ Job Standards for 2010


 An I.T. Analyst’s role in the organization is very vital for the growth and stability of the organization. It is of utmost importance to ensure that the IT analyst has

 Based upon the goals outlined in this document, it is expected that the IT Analyst performs their role to the best of their ability, and follows departmental guidelines and procedures as directed by their Assistant Manager Operations. Compliance in all areas of expectation is critical, and if areas of development exist, plans will be outlined and managed by the Assistant Manager Operations and improvement must be shown over reasonable and expected timeframes,

Below, an outline of goals for an I.T. Analyst, with key descriptions and measurements for each expectation, along with weighting expectations as it affects performance reviews on the semi and annual period is provided.


    1.  Productivity 15%
    2. Documentations and Random Audits 10%
    3. Traits 5%


 Productivity (15%)

 An I.T. Analyst is expected to process applications or quality control the applications processed by non-signed off team members against a pre-set target of 100 files which is designed to achieve organizational results and revenue generation target. I.T. Analyst is expected to do so while balancing the quality of the business and the long-term profitability of the organization. It is of critical importance that the correct procedures and documentation practices are adhered to as will be assessed in underwriting evaluations.

The job and competencies of raters are easily quantified when benchmarked against realistically set targets, which can be easily extrapolated from production plans as outlined by our management team in conjunction with Deep South. The monthly targets will be determined based on the individual rater’s average file size. The category will decided based on the below matrix.

% VS Target

Performance Review Score (Out of 5)

116% – 120%+


111% – 115.9%








Documentation and Random Audits (10%)

 All the quality checks that been conducted by the I.T. Analyst needs to be filed in an orderly manner and has to be documented in order of their existence. Weekly audits will be conducted to check if the files that are quality controlled are shared with the operations team and if both the team (Training and operation) are in sync. It is mandatory that for the I.T. Analyst to conduct a quality check on the non-signed off team members’ files every day and also share these scores with the operations team on the same day.

% of compliant documents

Performance Review Score (Out of 5)

99% – 100%








Less 90%


 Weekly / Monthly audits will be conducted by the Assistant Manager to check if this process is being adhered to and the above scores will be based on the audit results.

At 6 month and year-end reviews, semi-annual and annual scored will determine the Lead Analyst’s rating in this category.

 Traits (5%)

Planning & Strategy

  • Must help the direct reports in devising a firm career path and must provide methods of achieving the same

  • Must carefully manage the vacation of each direct reports and ensure these leaves do not hamper the operational targets

  • Must be able to forecast the influx of files in to the UW Support workflow and plan their manpower appropriately

Process Improvements

  • Must constantly analyze the process and figure more effective methods of managing the current business

  • Not only suggesting, but also should implement ideas of improvement

  • Post implementations he/she must study the results of the measure and improvise the same


  • Having a creative mind and developing new ideas that benefits the organization and the process

  • Does not give any excuses for failure or non completion of work responsibilities

  • Is dependable and shows considerable maturity in interaction with peers and direct reports


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