Leave Policy Entry Level

Leave Policy Entry Level

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Leave Policy Effective the 1st August 2008

Version Control Effective on 1st of November 2008

    1. All employees of Vantage Agora are entitled for 1 day of Approved Leave in a month. The employees can accumulate these leaves and take it as a planned vacation in a year or can take these leaves for any emergency purpose prior approval from their reporting Manager.

    2. All planned vacations needs to communicated and approved by their reporting supervisor 1 week in advance

    3. All emergency leaves needs to be verbally communicated and approved by their reporting supervisors 1 day in advance

    4. The employee is eligible for a planned vacation only if he/she has any leaves in the leave bank

    5. For any emergency purposes if the employee does not have any leaves in the leave bank and still wants to avail leaves after prior approval from their reporting Manager would be taken as LOP (leave without pay).

    6. All LOP’s will be granted by any Team Manager after prior approval from the Assistant Manager Operations

    7. Each LOP would deduct 2 days full Salary for that particular month as the employee does not have a leave Balance.

    8. Leaves such as Leave without notice, NCNS (no call no show), denial of leave from the reporting Manager would be considered as Unscheduled Absenteeism

    9. The 1st Unscheduled Absenteeism would deduct 1 days Salary and Rs500/- from their Monthly Salary

    10. The 2nd Unscheduled Absenteeism would deduct 2 days of the Salary, Rs500/- from their monthly salary and a written CIR (Critical Incident Report or Memo)

    11. The 3rd Unscheduled absenteeism would be termination of services from the organization

    12. All unscheduled absenteeism would be considered as non approval from their reporting supervisors

    13. The Center Head can reverse any of the above policy and procedure without any intimation to the employees and also has the right to override the above policy and procedure.


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