Let’s Start the New Year Bright!

Let’s Start the New Year Bright!

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Let’s Start the New Year Bright!

Learn how adding a little color to your business operations can increase profits in 2018.

By Vipul Rao, Senior Product Engineer

The Season is officially in full swing and nothing says the Holidays quite like twinkling lights (and maybe a little Bing Crosby). While Holiday lights come in all shapes, sizes and colors, traditional red, yellow and green lights elicit a feeling of nostalgia.

These colors that bring a Christmas tree to life are the same colors we use in OX Zion, our industry-leading Business Operating System (BOS). OX Zion utilizes the universally-recognized Red/Yellow/Green (RYG) methodology to quickly identify the status of all measured activities, projects and deliverables in the system. 

Organizations have multiple projects and priorities to juggle at the same time, and managing each step of every project can be overwhelming without a project management system. OX Zion helps enterprises stay organized and efficient, and these three colors help users instinctively understand the status of all activities throughout the enterprise.

  • Green: Deck the Halls, because all systems go! If a project is coded green in the system, it is on track and all required actions have been taken. This project is on time, within budget and meets established expectations.
  • Yellow: Not so fast, Scrooge. While a yellow-coded task indicates that a project is at risk of going off track and requires attention, much like Ebenezer Scrooge, there’s still time to correct the course before it’s too late!
  • Red: Hold the sleigh! Within the OX Zion dashboard, an activity labeled red indicates that something has gone wrong and requires immediate attention. The project is in jeopardy due to missed deadlines, budget overages or other setbacks.

So why does color coding matter in your BOS? OX Zion dashboards use RYG color-coded Data Visualization to give business leaders Operational Intelligence and real-time actionable insights to understand the status of all ongoing projects. Having this information at your fingertips enables you to be more proactive and operate your organization more efficiently to achieve Operational Excellence.

OX Zion can provide you with the navigation you need to have Enterprise-Wide Visibility and Control. What are you waiting for? There’s no better time than the Holiday Season to get started and prepare for the New Year. Contact us today!


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