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Here we go again!!! Its the season of calamities! Your business will be hit! You have a sinking feeling that your claims calls are going to hit the roof (Even if they already have not)! Yep! You are a seasoned business person. You know it is coming. Another tough time for your busiess. Is there any hope at all or is this going to another year with no profits and no margins? Is there any way out at all?

Let us see if we can articulate your current problem (Since we have seen it over and over again)…

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Harsha Chaturvedi: COO & Founder of Vantage AgoraHarsha has over 20+ years of experience in running, consulting, and helping companies and their supply chains wordwide. His work with many companies have made him become a “turnaround expert”. Harsha has authored four worldwide patents in the area of supply chain management for i2 technologies.He holds a MBA from Southern Methodist University (SMU) Dallas, a Masters in Computer Science from Louisiana State University (LSU) Baton Rogue, and Bachelors in Engineering from Bangalore University.Harsha on the web: To help you get a better feel for his background click here.    HCweb



With increasing insurance claims coming your way, you not only want to help your customers but maintain your business continuity.

  • Claims outsourcing have started pouring into your office and mail box!
  • Your claims outsourcing team is overloaded with work and its making you crazy!
  • Your phones are now ringing 24*7!
  • You want to help your customers!

All of this, but HOW? With the problems that have now taken a front due to Hurricanes, the question that arises is, “Is there a solution to the above?” Well, sure there is!!!


  •  Think Innovatively
  •  Act Quickly

What you WISH to do?

  1. Get the right information to solve your problems before you begin to act.
  2. Fit the right key to your lock: Find your best help.
  3. Get at most coverage of your problems by opening to onshore and offshore help.
  4. Have a clear mandate on the amount of expense you are likely to have, both internally and externally.
  5. Make a team dedicated to work on crisis management and processing and plan your project.
  6. List out your customers who have been affected and get their claims information.
  7. Submit all claims to your carriers and track the status of each open claim until it is closed.
  8. Keep communicating with your customers on a constant basis.
  9. Have a party planned for your entire staff and talk about this project as a goal to reach (this helps as a fun goal to achieve and builds the right team spirit).

You: “How do I do all of the above? I need an ARMY for this…”

Me: “You not only need an army, but specifically one which works for you at a lower cost, higher productivity that too 24*7 (because remember, you are running out of time)”

So what you specifically NEED is:

  1. A team of expertise to attend to all your claims.
  2. Resources to finish all your paper work.
  3. A partner who gives you 24*7 help with higher productivity.
  4. A cost effective deal with your partner (you are in a bad financial state).
  5. Faster turnaround time.
  6. Help to keep a track on all emails you receive from your customers.
  7. Help to update you on your customer websites.

We, at Vantage Agora have lived through this before. With the help of our experts, we have launched a special ‘First Claim Support‘ program to support insurance outsourcing companies and victims of this calamity. Our INS, CPCU trained claims outsourcing specialists can help any insurance company looking for immediate help in claims outsourcing or insurance back office processing.

Please contact our Vantage Agora account executives by calling the number +1.888.246.7211 extension 5 or 6.Or click here. 

We will definitely help you take care of all your claims needs in this time of crisis!



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