Manual vs. Automated

Manual vs. Automated

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Automation of Manual Processes Frees Up Time for Agents/Brokers

by Harsha Chaturvedi, COO & Co, Founder, Vantage Agora

The automation of complex processes seems like science fiction. For example: Google’s prototype of the self-driving car seems to bring the future even closer.

What isn’t far-fetched is the automation of business processes that once were completed manually. But many independent agents/brokers, wholesalers, and carriers continue to use manual processes when they could use more efficient automated processes. Insurance firms can achieve a competitive advantage by transitioning to automated processing.

Here’s a common example: Vantage Agora’s agent/broker clients often need to consolidate claims data from multiple carrier and vendor systems when they market or remarket a risk.

One of our customers — H.D. Segur Insurance, an independent agency in Connecticut — faced the problem of having to compile claims and loss runs manually into a spreadsheet. In the past, this meant a time-intensive, error-prone, manual process of cutting and pasting data from various data sources.

James Herlihy, CPCU, ARM-P, who headed the effort,wanted a better, faster way to get a big-picture look at his clients’ entire risk and loss experience. This way he could provide a stronger negotiating position for his client when securing coverage.

We put our heads together and created a solution on Vantage Agora’s operational excellence platform, OX Zion:

The new Vantage Agora loss-analysis application.

With review and input from the client, we refined the app.

Our OX Zion loss-analysis app allows insurance brokers, program managers and managing general agents to view and analyze consolidated data on claims losses for clients and prospects.

Benefits include:

— A consolidated view of the overall claims experience.

— Elimination of manual processes of creating a spreadsheet in Excel.

— Higher data accuracy by avoiding rekeying.


The app is that it’s entirely browser-based and requires no software installation or maintenance on his part. Users simply log on and works with the dashboard to get the data needed.

The new loss-analysis app promises greater access to information, faster. And the time savings yield the most-valuable benefit of all: Producers and staff are freed up to focus on prospect and client relationships rather than on manual processing.

Note: Vantage Agora is providing demos of the new loss-analysis app at industry conventions as well as individually. Contact Mike Fieseler at or (216) 802-8283 if you have a question or would like a no-obligation demo of how it works.

P.S. Did you see the insurance media coverage of our loss-analysis app?


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