Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

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Mobile Phone Policy effective the 1st September 2008

    1. All employees of Vantage Agora are allowed to carry their mobile phones on to the operations area.

    2. All employees of Vantage Agora need to keep their mobile phone in silent mode on the operations area

    3. The entry level staff needs to hand over the mobile phones in silent mode to their respective supervisors in the beginning of the shift and thereafter take it while on breaks or departing home

    4. The supervisors are allowed to keep their mobile phones in silent/vibrate mode on the operations floor

    5. None of the employees can attend their phones on the operations area

    6. All employees needs to leave the operations floor prior to attending the phone call

    7. The Management is not responsible for the loss or damage of any of the mobile phone

    8. The Management has the right to confistigate the phone if the above policy and procedures are not followed strictly

    9. Any employee who needs to attend any emergency calls needs to take the permission of their respective supervisor before attending the call

    10. All employees are requested to provide their supervisors phone number to their parents or guardian in case of any emergency


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