New e.Volve app and ox zion platform helps simplify employee benefit enrollment

New e.Volve app and ox zion platform helps simplify employee benefit enrollment

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

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New e.Volve app and Club VA platform helps simplify employee benefit enrollment

BEACHWOOD, Ohio–Cleveland-based software producer Visyt Inc. recently launched the new “E.Volve” application on the Club VA platform, which will ease employee benefits enrollment for more than 5,000 municipal workers in California.

Featuring the groundbreaking Visyt Virtual Benefits Counselor®, e.Volve is the first online self-service employee benefits enrollment solution to combine the efficiency & cost-savings of self-service online enrollment with the effectiveness of one-on-one benefits education & enrollment by a trained benefits counselor. Visyt’s Virtual Benefits/HR Counselor® ensures a heretofore unseen level of compliance certainties for all stakeholders in the HR communication space.

The Club VA  platform is designed to increase a business’s operational excellence, says Sudhir Achar, CEO of Vantage Agora. “Club VA  combines the informality of social media with the context-rich environments of email, document management, project tracking, and performance measurement, creating a project and performance management environment that allows users to track, log, refine, audit, and report on the daily performance of people, projects, and processes,” he says. Club VA  integrates Six Sigma principles and gaming methods to calibrate and report on an individual, team, or department. An executive dashboard for business intelligence and decision-making further helps simplify its use.

Club VA  is evolving into a versatile platform,” says Visyt President Steve Pappadakes. “The best analogy to describe Club VA  is to compare it to a smart phone, with the e.Volve product acting like an app on that phone. This is a powerful service offering.” The e.Volve collaboration between Visyt and Vantage Agora is the first of several app collaborations, he adds.

“With Club VA ’s flexible architecture, apps can be designed, developed and deployed with no limit to integration to consistently deliver high-quality software-an end-to-end solution with the services you need to quickly deliver innovative ideas,” says Mehul Kenia, solutions architect at Vantage Agora.

Other Club VA  Apps focus on audits, SOP management, CRM, task/ticket management, contracts management, and employee on-boarding.

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Visyt Inc. provides forward-thinking companies with a new communication paradigm through the varied uses of its Virtual Benefits/HR Counselor® Communicators. For more information, go to

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Vantage Agora produces backroom services, IT services and consulting to a broad array of business customers. Its founders and senior management have a strong background in operations, technology, Six Sigma, lean management, business process re-engineering (BPR) and business process management (BPM). For more information, go to

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