FAQ: Should I outsource where I myself don’t have enough work for my people?

FAQ: Should I outsource where I myself don’t have enough work for my people?

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Let us look at what is going to happen when you don’t outsource with no enough work. It means that you have excess capacity that is going to bleed your company. The next logical answer that you will think of is to let go some people and trim the organization. This leads to no capacity to grow back to original level. Your sales will not be able to perform without your senior operations people. Meaning, you are in an endless downward spiral. All when there are customers that can be taken with better commissions to agents, better and more efficient conversion of your quotes, more intelligent upfront conversations with your customers, and turn around your quotes faster along with top of the line customer service.

That is the only way you can ever turn your business around in any economy.

Growth can happen when your operations people can make sure that they are doing high value activity of convincing customers to sign up with your company and agents to work with you to grow your business. Now, you be the judge. Do you want to take the endless cutting until you don’t have a company any more or do you take the bold route to improve your business in these tough times. History has told us that the best of the companies have not just survived a downturn but have used this to grow their business as their competition is dying from endless cuts. Don’t be a statistic.

Do the right thing for your company. In our collective experience of over 100 years of experience in dealing with top management we have seen this to be true.


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