Operating Rhythm: The 1st Step to Operational Excellence

Operating Rhythm: The 1st Step to Operational Excellence

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Every great journey starts with the first step. It is always this first step that brings motion to any plan and the plan for Operational Excellence is no different. The first step on our journey to Operational Excellence starts with ‘Operating Rhythm’. Just like rhythm makes music special, Operating Rhythm makes a process special and keeps it going. With operating rhythm, we start our journey to the ultimate goal of Operational Excellence.

Operating Rhythm in definition is a predefined mode of communication within the organization between different departments. The flow of information ensures that operations are moving in the right direction. Operating Rhythm should never be an isolated process but rather a continual process to ensure the whole organization is aware of necessary information from the floor to the top levels. Every organization should have a mission and the Operating Rhythm should be designed in such a way that it is aligned with this overall goal. In order to achieve Operating Rhythm, the following factors needs to be established:

  • Business needs
  • Operating mechanism
  • Reviews and feedback

Establishing these items ensures that the needs are identified, an operating mechanism is set out and the reviews and feedback are obtained from which the action plan can be drafted. This 360 degree communication helps in achieving transparency and visibility throughout the process, bringing a sense of order and direction to the tasks.

Regardless of the size of an Organization, Operating Rhythm can ensure that:

  • All the necessary information is communicated
  • Clear ownership of the tasks by each individual is shown
  • The need for follow-up and reminders is eliminated
  • Timely information is available which provides value to the Organization

As we have drafted in our company values, ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. An Organization is an asset and making sure it functions smoothly is the responsibility of each individual under its umbrella. All of us have the ability to make our home away from home better. All we have to do is use this power wisely. The process of Operating Rhythm can be used in something as basic as scheduling your interruptions to drafting the Annual Operating Plan. It all depends on classifying tasks according to their urgency and importance. Go ahead, start the movement and be a leader to help achieve the company goals. All you need to do is apply the first step, put a plan in place and continue until it becomes a rhythm. Once you are in tune it will become an orchestra. Everyone will have a role to play at the right time. Create your rhythm, dance to it every day and see the change that it brings to your professional and personal life. Change is the only thing that is constant. Let’s change for the better and move forward to the rhythm.

This is the first of the seven steps to Operational Excellence. As we move forward, we can follow each step to help in achieving our goals as individuals and as an Organization.


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