FAQ: What are the pain points of outsourcing?

FAQ: What are the pain points of outsourcing?

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The biggest challenge to outsourcing is your internal organizational and process change. We have seen that most of the companies that have failed to capitalize on the outsourcing are the ones that did not set up a proper structure to deal with the change that comes about from outsourcing.

The other thing to remember is the fact that once you commit to outsourcing you have to give it a certain pre-specified time to succeed. Please have a success and failure criterion created with your supplier. Have them and your team march to it. One year is a good time for most mid-sized companies. Don’t have knee jerk reaction at the first sign of trouble. Just remember that more than 90% of the fortune 1000 companies are already involved in one form of outsourcing or the other. You are not alone.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact VA Consulting to make sure that you leverage from our experience.


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