OX Zion Delivers Operational Excellence Through the Dynamic Mind Map

OX Zion Delivers Operational Excellence Through the Dynamic Mind Map

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By, Thomas Balla, Customer Experience Specialist

All business owners want to succeed. Managing every detail of a project from team collaboration and communication to data gathering and analysis, businesses have a long list of daily operational functions to juggle. To stay competitive and achieve growth and success in today’s market, these overlapping functions cannot effectively operate in silos. Without a system to integrate each function, eventually a mission critical priority will be missed and your business may suffer as a result.

The solution is a Business Operating System (BOS). A Business Operating System is the mechanism that links individual business processes, enables effective communication and collaboration, and ensures organizational alignment. While (BOS is a new concept) there are several stand-alone software solutions to address silo-related issues, until OX Zion there hasn’t been a solution that has evolved into a sophisticated, fully-integrated information hub that empower businesses to run more efficiently to achieve Operational Excellence.

OX Zion is the industry-leading BOS, which will save you time and money using your current resources and creating opportunities for growth. OX Zion is made of eight key components that support over 35 different features and applications through the Dynamic Mind Map.

#1 Integrated Communication. Communication is the lifeblood of any organization. When communication breaks down, so does every other aspect of the business.  OX Zion makes it easier for users by creating internal and external, as well as formal and informal means of communication. Users can collaboratively communicate to ensure information is quickly and easily categorized and retrieved, which is essential for a smooth operation.

#2 Dynamic Project Management. To be productive, you first need to get organized.
OX Zion uses project management tools to stay organized and to follow up on pending projects and assignments. In addition to managing single projects, this robust system can manage a portfolio of projects. The Matrix and Gantt chart are also great tools for tracking and analyzing data.

#3 Predictive Data Visualization Tools. Visualization converts data into insights you can actually see. The system includes multiple key features to bring visualization to the user through actionable dashboards and an Executive Desktop. Operational Intelligence allows employees and managers quick access to real-time data versus historic data only.

#4 Universal Compatibility and Existing Stand-Alone Software Solutions. By merging multiple systems and data points into one easy-to-navigate platform, OX Zion creates a holistic view for the user. It also maintains a sustainable competitive advantage by identifying how market-driven changes affect an organization’s ability to deliver value.

#5 State-of-the-Art People Management Resources. Maintaining an updated, process for tracking personnel-related information is crucial. This BOS allows users to customize employee and independent contractor onboarding features, develop efficient training and assessments to ensure corporate compliance, create an organizational chart and have all human resource tools located within one, convenient system.

#6 Business Development Tools. OX Zion has built-in forms and designed to model the simplest to the most sophisticated workflows and digitize paper-driven processes with e-signature capabilities. Our integrated CRM provides a level of sophistication for customer management, allowing your business to be fully-optimized.

#7 Quality Management Systems Compliant with Operational Excellence Principles. Quality assurance is a vital step in any business. OX Zion enables informed decision-making by providing enterprise-wide visibility of all operations. By using Standard Operating Procedures and tactical plans, you can adjust for new situations and ensure distribution and compliance throughout your workforce.

#8 Creative and Engaging Tools to Improve Employee Productivity and Morale. People are an organization’s most valuable asset and OX Zion offers a tool that facilitates a culture of employee excellence. This feature provides employees with performance incentives leading to a more engaged, efficient and rewarded workforce.

Our Business Operating System is so much more than the individual features that it is comprised of. While any of these eight categories could stand-alone, the fact remains that no stand-alone solution can offer business leaders the necessary visibility and control they need to navigate their business effectively. OX Zion offers business leaders an integrated and closed-loop strategy-to-execution platform.

Contact us to discover how we can provide your business the navigation it needs to have enterprise-wide visibility, control and business intelligence to achieve Operational Excellence (OX).


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