OX Zion: The Future of Insurance Technology

OX Zion: The Future of Insurance Technology

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As the only integrated insurance technology solution that fully supports the insurance industry, OX Zion was recently featured in the November Issue of the Chart Coverholders and Risk Takers Exchange: Bridging the Gap Between Lloyd’s of London And the U.S. Domestic Market.

OX Zion: The Future of Insurance Technology

by Mike Fieseler, VP Business Development

No matter the industry, technology has changed the way businesses operate. The insurance sector in particular has experienced tremendous growth as big data has provided greater insight into the customer journey, enabling companies to maximize efficiencies, increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction. A few organizations that specialize in insurance technology solutions have risen to the top as pioneers.

Each year, CIO Applications – an industry-leading magazine focused on technology and innovation – recognizes the top organizations which are making huge technological impacts in the insurance industry as the Top 25 Insurance Technology Solutions Providers. In 2017, Vantage Agora made the list for its revolutionary Business Operating System (BOS), OX Zion.

OX Zion, an integrated software solution, is the only BOS that fully supports the insurance industry by enabling insurance market players to run their business without technological constraints.

With one easy-to-use, fully-integrated system, Vantage Agora is changing the way insurance companies operate by providing them with the necessary tools to increase their organizational efficiencies. OX Zion gives company leaders the control they’ve been lacking for years, all in one place.

The platform mitigates ambiguity by offering complete control, real-time visibility and Operational Intelligence to empower company leadership to drive strategy, innovation, growth and success. For those specifically in the insurance industry, OX Zion offers the following benefits:

  • The ability to track and measure key business drivers that are critical to achieving success.
  • Complete transparency and visibility into key functions including operations, sales, distribution and customer service.
  • The capability to extract data from numerous and disparate sources (applications, systems, spreadsheets, etc), integrating and collating it into business-oriented, KPI-focused dashboards.
  • The ability to make data-driven decisions and streamline processes and workflows.

Additionally, OX Zion offers the seven steps to Operational Excellence by employing Operational Intelligence using Insurance-in-a-box. These comprehensive dashboards track key metrics across seven different areas of an insurance operations:

  • Insight into the productivity of an organization’s distribution network.
  • For organizations in need of underwriting management solutions, Operational Intelligence provides important metrics on production and producers.
  • Insight into historical data to adjust a company’s pricing or staffing.
  • Real-time view of a company’s total premium production.
  • Greater visibility into the impact of insurance claims to alleviate factors that contribute to high occurrence and claim severity.
  • Insight into the effectiveness of an organization’s customer service and improvement opportunities.
  • The ability to relate marketing efforts and expenses to sales, more effectively onboard employees, suppliers, distribution partners and contractors, and the capability to track any potential costly errors.

OX Zion is the only tool insurance companies need to stimulate growth and elevate their organization to the next level. Read the full feature in CIO Applications Magazine’s November 2017 issue to learn how Vantage Agora’s groundbreaking technology is transforming the insurance industry. Contact us to gain enterprise-wide visibility with

OX Zion.


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