OX Zion: Santa’s Secret to Organization

OX Zion: Santa’s Secret to Organization

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OX Zion: Santa’s Secret to Organization

By Arvind Gopalakrishnan, VP Technical Sales


An organized business is a successful business. Big or small, companies require organization and structure to thrive and remain profitable; however, managing all the aspects of a business can be a daunting prospect. Companies facing challenges, including a lack of real-time visibility, deficient collaboration and communication, could greatly benefit from a comprehensive tool to stay organized.


Think about it this way; If you’re Santa Claus keeping track of all the naughty and nice children across the world, it is much easier with a little help from technology. OX Zion, our cloud-based software and Business Operating System (BOS), helps companies, employees and Father Christmas stay organized!


  • Seamless communication at your fingertips: Wouldn’t your company benefit from centralized communication? We have no idea how Santa managed for so long with a manual naughty-nice list! OX Zion has a wide variety of communication features, including integrated e-mail, instantaneous group messaging, one-to-one chat and a company intranet. These features help facilitate consistent and open communication among employees and elves, to ensure everyone is on the same page.


  • Simplified project management: Businesses often cite juggling ongoing projects as a huge challenge, but there’s a solution for that. If you think you have a lot of projects to keep track of, imagine what Santa has on his plate (besides, cookies, of course)! OX Zion leverages task and project management apps that allow for collaboration to ensure deadlines are met in a timely manner. Additionally, the Executive Desktop allows managers and Santa’s helpers to quickly see the status of all projects at one glance using our RYG (Red, Yellow, Green) system.


  • Easy document sharing: As your business grows and more employees contribute, there’s an increased chance that important documents will get lost if they’re not saved in one easy-to-access location. OX Zion has a built-in word processing engine and a spreadsheet feature that easily allows you to store and collaborate on documents. Say goodbye to excessive licensing fees, trying to find documents that are stuck on colleagues’ computers, and duplicate Christmas wish lists everywhere. OX Zion makes sharing and tracking more efficient.


  • Clear data visualization: Today, most businesses can benefit from viewing data to gain insights into what’s happening with the business in real time. Even Santa’s operations have grown and evolved to the point of needing to be able to see information in one place to inform decision-making. OX Zion’s ability to create custom data visualizations – Operational Intelligence – with data from external disparate data systems, means no more searching for your information in multiple places and trying to stitch it together to make decisions. See it all in one glance, the way you want to see it!


If OX Zion’s all-in-one system can help Santa successfully manage his operations at the North Pole to deliver gifts to every child around the world on Christmas Eve, imagine what OX Zion could do for you! Companies struggle for cohesiveness between employees, departments and disparate data systems, but OX Zion has the solution to all your problems through our variety of applications that are configurable to all industries and companies. Schedule a demo today to learn how OX Zion can help you get and stay organized all year round!


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