Residential Property Underwriter Streamlined Insurance Processes with Business Operating System (BOS), OX Zion

Residential Property Underwriter Streamlined Insurance Processes with Business Operating System (BOS), OX Zion

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By, Varun Badarinath, Senior Business Analyst 

Business Challenge

Vantage Agora’s client, one of the largest independent residential property Managing General Underwriters in the United States, serves a variety of both inland and coastal markets in multiple states, and manages nearly all operations for more than 100,000 policyholders.

While the company provided incomparable expertise and progressive solutions to its customers, it suffered from operational inefficiencies causing it to become bogged down with large backlogs for policy issuance, payment postings, and other back office business processes.

Additionally, the client struggled with tracking internal tasks and projects. The company used multiple project management systems, websites, and a variety of insurance carriers. Also, departments and individuals were trying to access the same projects, but had no centralized, user-friendly location to access this information. These inefficiencies greatly increased the time spent organizing, analyzing, and processing.

Finally, the company lacked a consistent system for assigning and tracking tasks. Tasks were being assigned either through email, one of the multiple management systems without alerts or progress notifications, or even using handwritten notes.

The client sought a better way to streamline how its employees collaborated on projects, completed backlogged processes, and to free up its staff from time-consuming tasks.


Initially, the client was hesitant to relinquish control of its processes to a remote staffing company. In an effort to mitigate the company’s concerns, Vantage Agora proposed using the OX Zion business operating system (BOS), which allowed the company to assign tasks to the Vantage Agora team and have complete visibility on projects and responsibilities in one, convenient place.

Vantage Agora started to remedy the task management issues by tackling the insurance processes with the highest backlogs – policy issuance and post-payment invoicing. Tasks for these processes were assigned via email and required weekly status calls. Within two months, the Vantage Agora team cleared the backlogs from the prior year.

Next, Vantage Agora took on more work to free up the client’s staff so they could focus on larger projects. Using OX Zion’s Task App, the company was able to create project plans internally, as well as bring in the Vantage Agora team when necessary. OX Zion’s Help Desk feature was also used on both sides to quickly troubleshoot and resolve IT issues that arose.

Vantage Agora also established workflow processes to help the company seamlessly organize and manage ongoing tasks, create new tasks, or assign existing tasks to different people, and change the dates and work assignments to different owners.

Finally, Vantage Agora applied the Operational Intelligence App, an actionable dashboard which provided visibility into a project’s progress and allowed the team to ensure that the work was being completed on schedule.

Business Impact

All processes were integrated throughout implementation and continued through operations to allow the client to get the work done quickly and more efficiently with fewer quality issues. As a result, the number of daily processes grew from 2 to 20, a 900% increase. Additionally, workflow strategies more than doubled the rate of efficiency even though the client’s team stayed consistent at five people.

After partnering with Vantage Agora, the client’s team was able to focus more on customer service while the Vantage Agora team handled much of the daily activities. After working together for multiple years, the company is now able to use OX Zion to plan ahead based on their proven trends and projects to exceed 400,000 processed assignments in 2017.


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