Social: The basic art of floor walking

Social: The basic art of floor walking

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Last week I called our head of HR and told him “We are going to have trouble with Mr. X, please have someone talk to him. He was not surprised because I do this often. I also walked up to our operations manager and told him “Please have extra QC on the Mr. X’s work.” He too knows my so called gut feel.


Later in the week we found out this employee (his internal QC scored had dipped) had a personal problem and was planning to resign  The VA team is efficient and would have caught it anyway. But how did I know this?


It is really simple.


  1. When I walk the floor I make polite conversations but not disturb too many people at their work. Over a period of time I have developed a sense of how people work from their typing pattern, to their processing flow, to the information that they have up on the screen most of the time. When I notice something out of the norm it almost hits me in the face and forces me to talk to them. That leads to me to find out more things about them and their work.
  2. That is to make sure that we have you don’t have anything else in your mind, no phone calls, no management discussion, nothing.
  3. You should also have done your homework on each department, know their operating rhythms, their workload and their customer satisfaction scores. You have all this from your reporting systems. It is critical that you visit and walk the floors of project in RED and the ones that have been in GREEN for a while with no problem.


Effective floor management is critical for your success and having the time and information to walk the floor is even more important!


If you want to learn more about executing strategies to success and bringing operational excellence into your organization you need to have  a tool like Club VA and call any one of your friends at VA. We will be glad to help!


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