Spring Training

Spring Training

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By, Ellen Cvelbar, Graphic Designer & Brand Advocate

As a lifelong baseball fan, I look forward to the beginning of the new season. As I think about the start of a new season in Major League Baseball, I am reminded of spring training’s purpose. Spring training gives players an opportunity to try out to win a roster spot on a team in “The Show” and gives existing players time to prepare for the upcoming season. It also allows coaches the opportunity to work on evaluating staff, talent, and determining overall improvements for the team. Businesses may not have spring training but business leaders should always be taking the time to evaluate their staff to assemble a top-notch team, as well as working on improvements in their operations.

Coaches and business leaders need to assemble a team that will bring the right skills and experience for the winning combination. Clearly defining the roles and expectations of each position will assist in bringing the team together, will establish a more intuitive communication style, and improve overall results.

Like in Major League Baseball, all good leaders should identify a time of year to evaluate their teams to determine their strengths and weaknesses and establish one that is cohesive, efficient, and successful. You want to assemble a team that can excel and if improvements are needed, have the talent to be developed into the desired position or role. Difficult decisions must be made if the leader determines an individual cannot reach the needed improvement level. Failing to make difficult decisions on personnel will only hinder the overall team’s performance.

By looking at the overall processes and business environment, you can determine whether you have the right players in each position to compete for a championship-caliber year. If your team doesn’t measure up in all areas, business leaders may look to other available options. Sometimes those options can include a remote staffing model that may not reduce your headcount but provide much needed skills for specific situations. Just as in baseball, sometimes coaches need to call for a pinch hitter or a pitching change for the better of the game.

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