Switch to the Next Generation of BPO

Switch to the Next Generation of BPO

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By Bryan Fields, Senior Sales Representative

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an industry that generates over $100 billion annually with a handful of giants in the marketplace. These giants dominate the BPO industry due to their global brand recognition and ability to acquire companies to gain market share and block out competitors. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a history of delivering a poor customer experience, high error rates, and increased costs.

Companies looking for a better way to leverage a BPO solution oftentimes are left with a series of poor quality and costly options. Companies willing to look beyond the Big Box providers frequently find small providers with limited experience and inconsistent performance. This combination of bad options typically results in a company not making a much-needed change and instead sticking with their existing BPO provider.

Today, companies have a much better option to switch their BPO operations. With Vantage Agora, companies have a proven partner that can handle clients with a need for a few to several hundred full-time staff members. We provide a risk-free contract that eliminates all start-up costs and cancellation fees.

Vantage Agora provides industry expertise in the following industries and services:

Insurance Compliance
Logistics Human Resources
Accounting Data Entry
Information Technology Risk Management
Customer Service Marketing Fulfillment


Vantage Agora can provide BPO services with both on-shore and off-shore staff. Additionally, our BPO model is based on complete transparency. We provide daily reports of the production environment as well as an ongoing trend over the life of the partnership. Clients have access to these production reports 24/7 with any web-enabled device. The daily production metrics are broken down by process, function, user, error, time to complete, cost per files, etc.

At Vantage Agora, we do much more than business as usual. Our pricing is competitive and our model of Operational Excellence is second to none. Call me today 888.246.7211 x 129 or email me at bryan@vantageagora.com to learn how you can switch your BPO functions to a better solution.


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