New Loss-Analysis App from Vantage Agora Offers Brokers/Wholesalers Tool for Big-Picture View

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Source obtained from programbusiness Vantage Agora has released a new loss-analysis web application that allows insurance brokers, program managers and managing general agents to view and analyze consolidated data on claims losses for clients and prospects. The application gives a big-picture view of a book of business. Brokers can use the insights it provides for […]

Vantage Agora Launches Loss Analysis Tool for Brokers/Wholesalers

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Source obtained from insurancejournal   “Insurance buyers and risk managers want more transparency to better manage their risk and premiums. They struggle to put together a complete look at their claim and premium data,” explained Sudhir Achar, CEO of Vantage Agora, which offers insurance process outsourcing and consulting, technology services, and operations software. “The new […]

Tech Developer Launches Loss-Analysis App for Brokers

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Source obtained from ibamag   A new loss-analysis web application from Vantage Agora hopes to assist insurance brokers in marketing/remarketing accounts and negotiating premiums for clients and prospects. The SaaS app is hosted on Vantage Agora’s browser-based “ox zion” platform, and combines claims loss data from sources such as a broker’s management system as well […]