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Gossip as Strategic Tool

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Gossip!   I wouldn’t blame you if you are thinking, “Harsha, you have finally lost it!”   Let us look at why it is true whether this is new to us or not.   “Why do men not walk around in skirts in most parts of the world, yet in Scotland it is perfectly acceptable […]

Winning Attitude: My teams should have it but how?

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Management gurus say it, we running companies know it better… The key to our success is to come up with an idea, create winning strategy, build a winning team that can execute your strategy to success and let them execute it!     Great but HOW???!!!!   Let us break the problem down. Ideas are […]

Attitude Issues in YOUR Organization? Go Clubbing!!!

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For a long time I had given up on motivating people to excel. Given up, because I had tried everything possible and prescribed. From team huddles, to team outings, one on ones, power talks, external speakers,and online videos. Name it and I had done it. Yet, I consistently found three sets of people in every […]