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“2 months! You have got to be kidding me! ” shouted Mark at Jill, our head of procurement.   It was around 7:00 PM, most of the employees had left for the day. The ones that were in the office were gathering to see what the public brawl was about. “This can’t be good” I thought to […]

A customer’s value

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We have all heard of the phrase “The customer is right”. We have also heard of the phrase “The bible is right” (You can replace this by Kuran or Gita or whatever your religious preference maybe). This concept has been drilled into us with quotes from great people, “A customer is the most important visitor […]

Truth about media!

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Recently we all read/saw the news about the ‘Black out in India’ (Black Out = Power failure). Vantage Agora has two centers in India, which provides back office support to several US customers. Naturally, some of our customers asked us if VA operation was affected by the ‘Black Out’. I was in the US and I […]

Elephant in the Room

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Geico and other carriers are going direct bypassing MGA’s and agents! The elephant is in the room. Are you ready to take them on? If not, you and your business are in trouble! Let us face it. This process is called ‘ Disintermediation’. This has been happening in the industry for a long time but […]

If You Want To Burn Money Then Do It Yourself!

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If you agree with this, you are burning money! Recently I read an article which went on to say that having partner company work on your back office processing is risky because your organization does not have any control over how your partner company works. It also stated that your company might be in trouble […]


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Lessons Learned From Hurricane Irene and Others Can Help You Prepare For Future Disasters and Come Out Ahead of Your Competition NEW YORK, August 26th, 2011 — Hurricane Irene LOUISIANA, September 1st, 2011— Hurricane Lee TEXAS, August 31st, 2011— Forest Fires What is worse is that the hurricane season does not even end till November […]

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